Jacopo del

Italia • 1510−1598

Having from a young age a great aptitude for the depiction of nature, he decided that it would be his main profession, although the case and wrote the image and frescoes, particularly in Rome and its surroundings. About the portraits, it all is not the listing that would lead us too far, I can only say that, until Pope Paul III he wrote the portraits of all previous high priests and all any significant Sirs and envoys of the papal court, as well as all the generals and great men of the family of Colonna and Orsini, and Signor Piero Strozzi, and countless bishops, cardinals and other great prelates and the rich, not to mention the many writers and other noble men, through which he acquired in Rome the fame, respect and favor. Therefore, he lives in this city with the whole family in comfort and in honor.

In his youth he painted so well that everyone was hoping, if he just continued in the same spirit, to see him as an artist, which promises to be an excellent master and indeed it becomes, however, he turned to what felt a natural affinity. And yet his works it is impossible not to praise.

On a wooden image in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, his hand depicted the dead Christ, and on the other, written for the choir of St. Dionysius Church in San Auidgy, this Holy with stories from his life. However, the best thing that had ever made them — two story mural, written at the time, in the Florentine community, the Misericordia altarpiece with the image, painted in oil depicting the descent from the cross with the crucified robbers and deprived of his senses by the mother of God — the magnificent figures executed it masterfully and with great honor.

Around Rome he made many paintings in different manners and many male and female portraits at full length, dressed and Nude, which are very good, they were so natural.

He wrote also in the case of lot and head portraits, visited Rome, noble ladies and princesses. So, I know that among others he painted the portrait of the lady of Libya's Column, women are the nobles of both in the purity of blood and virtue, and incomparable in its beauty. However, enough said about Jacopo del Conte, who live and continues to work tirelessly.

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