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Italia • 1295−1348

Biography and information

Creative way of Bernard Duddy began in the workshop of the Master of St. Cecilia, though his work was formed not without the influence of Giotto and the Sienese masters. Giotto just a few years before that finished painted four chapels in the transept of the Church of Santa Croce, and the frescoes of two chapels, the Bardi and the Peruzzi, have survived to the present day. Later in his work skyrocket lyrical jet shape will be slimmer, ogniste the brightness of the colors. His main work - the large image of the Madonna in the Florentine Church of Orsemi-Kehl (1346-1347). For outstanding works of art rich Bernardo Duddy applies a small triptych of the Bigallo, and the polyptych from the Church of San Pancrazio (C. 1340, Florence, Uffizi Gallery).

Included in 1327 in the list of the shop "doctors and pharmacists", 1339 Duddy was Advisor to the workshop of St. Luke. In 1328-1348 he performed many signature and dated works (he died before 18 Aug 1348). In the triptych "Madonna and child with STS Matthew and Nicholas" (Florence, Uffizi), and in frescos depicting "the Martyrdom of St. Stephen and Lawrence" (Florence, C. Santa Croce, Cappella Pulci-Berardi), the artist demonstrates the liveliness of the narrative, despite some confusion of the composition and "dry" palette, which does not reflect the coloristic effects found Giotto and his followers. Due to their artistic talent, but is close to such artists as Jacopo di Casentino or of Master of the Chapel of St. Nicholas in Assisi,. than to Maso di Banco, Pietro or Ambrogio Lorenzetti. In a small but very elegant triptych of Biggalo (Florence. 1333), which includes the song "the Madonna and child on a throne surrounded by donors, saints and angels", "Christmas" and "the Crucifixion", is noticeably deeper assimilation of the stylistic principles of the late workshop of Giotto (probably for the return of the artist from Naples in the same 1333). In the works, but can be detected as echoes of the analytical painting and Gothic elegance, typical of the artist's Polyptych of Stefaneschi and a new approach to the organization of space, inherent to Maso di Banco. During this period, but probably already surpasses in artistic skill of another artist, the master of San Martino Alla Palma, which was very close to him in his youth.

In his Mature works (the polyptych "Madonna with child enthroned and surrounded by angels and saints" with predella depicting seven scenes from the life of Mary, written for TS. San Pancrazio. now Florence, Uffizi), and in his later work (polyptych "Madonna and child enthroned, St. Peter, John Evangelist, John the Baptist and St. Matthew", 1344, Florence, C. Santa Maria Novella: "Maesta", 1347, Florence, C. Orsanmichele) Duddy successfully embodies the innovative and unique artistic ideas, borrowed them in the work of Maso, Stefano and Lorenzetti. He often resorted to the more simple interpretation than, for example, Taddeo Galdi using his gift of the narrator and enriching their work by the abundance of decorative details. During this second period of creativity, but there are two young artist, far more deeply imbued with the ideas of the IADL in the field of spatial searches, Puccio di Simone (Master of the Fabriano Altarpiece), and Allegretto, Nuzi who have developed some artistic principles, but in the second half of the XIV century.