Canada • born in XX century

Biography and information

Robert Bateman (Robert Bateman) — canadian artist-animal painter. He was born in Toronto in 1930. About his childhood Robert says that he has always been an artist and naturalist at the same time, because all children love nature, and art. Seriously keen on visual arts and the study of nature, Robert began at the age of 12. It was then that he drew his first picture and he began daily to draw different birds, on arrival from school. Painted in a realistic manner, using a small brush. But after a few years, under the influence of friends, he began to write in a freer style, a big brush and more vivid.
In 1950, Robert graduated from the Academic Institute in forest hill. Four years later he graduated from the faculty of geography of the University of Toronto, received the degree of bachelor of arts. Then Robert took up teaching and educational activities, was not forgotten and the creativity. In a relatively short time experienced a fascination with impressionism and post-impressionism in the manner of van Gogh. Then came his period of cubism and impressionist abstraction. But at all these stages, it continued to inspire nature, and since he was inherently a naturalist, there is always a lived commitment to the display of nature as accurately as possible.
In 32 years, the Robert Bateman visited the solo exhibition of Andrew Wyeth, the famous American realist artist. Andrew was a master of detail when bringing the paintings have always used a small brush. Bateman recalled that they came to the conclusion that this is the only way for the artist-naturalist. After realizing this idea, he felt liberated.
So Robert Bateman found his individual path in the art, and are faithful to him to this day. He does not feel the need to change the style, because the animal world, which is dedicated to his many paintings, he, in himself, infinitely varied. It is possible to find endless inspiration, an inexhaustible source of new ideas.
Today, Robert Bateman is the most widely recognized and famous painter of wildlife. The list of his exhibitions is very long. He continues to lecture on art and nature protection. Merits Robert awarded high state awards. At the University of Royal roads (Canada) open Education centre the Robert Bateman centre – the so-called "Ecodom", which fits in perfectly with the environment and does not violate its natural state.