Patrick James

born in XX century
Patrick Woodroffe (Patrick James Woodroffe, October 27, 1940 - May 10, 2014) was an English painter, engraver, sculptor and illustrator. He worked in the genre of science fiction and fantasy, he was close to the genre of surrealism.

Peculiar features of Patrick Woodroffe's art: Patrick Woodroffe was one of the most virtuoso masters of the fantasy genre. The artist's style is a combination of the elements of fantastic realism of the works of Salvador Dali and Ernst Fuchs, details of the Flemish masters and touching primitives of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. His pictures are bright and full of detail, sometimes the subjects are deliberately optimistic. The artist sought to create a fabulous world with wondrous touching creatures and landscapes, surpassing the beauty of reality itself.

The artist's famous paintings: Bull and Spear, Ildrin and the Winged Spider.

He graduated from the University of Leeds. He was engaged in drawing, copper engraving, tomography (combining photographs of real objects with the painted ones), painting and sculpture. In drawing he called himself a self-taught artist. He spent almost all his life in the English port town of Falmouth. Patrick Woodroffe illustrated many books of fiction and fantasy, including works by Robert Heinlein and Arthur S. Clarke. The artist designed covers for music albums of Dave Gerenslade, one of the projects that had grown to the scale of his own book with numerous illustrations. Among the projects of the master is the creation of the coat of arms of the provinces (cantons) for the anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. Patrick Woodroffe developed several signature techniques for creating engravings. With his life and work he won the reputation of the “surrealist of the Renaissance”.

Written by Victoria Volkova
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