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House with a colorful linen

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1914, 99×119 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «House with a colorful linen»

This painting is a rare story. Very rarely the work of established artists are auctioned straight from the Museum halls. And "Houses with colorful linens" in 2011 she hit the auction house Sotheby's from the Museum.

Private Vienna Leopold Museum parted with this painting, to pay the restitution claim. The complicated case, which started from a very different paintings Schiele. Some valuable exhibits of Rudolf Leopold, founder of the gallery, received immediately after the Second world war. And it is not surprising that among purchased by a collector of paintings were lost, stolen, or confiscated from Jews who were forced to emigrate from Austria in the 30-ies. And in 1998, the heirs of the Austrian Jewish Lea Bondi Jaray claimed the picture şile "Portrait Of Wally"that is until the arrival to power of the Nazis was in a private collection in this family.

Rudolf Leopold always insisted on an honest relationship with when purchased masterpieces and therefore retain the disputed paintings in the exhibition was to him a matter of honor. Relatives of Lea Bondi Jaray was proposed 19 million dollars for that painting remained in the Museum. And the heirs agreed. For payment of this substantial amount of the Leopold Museum, one of the most visited museums in Vienna had to part with another Schiele painting – "Houses with colorful linens". But with this picture everything is clean – she has perfect provenance, and now the record price for the artist. In 2011, "Houses with colorful linens" became the most expensive painting by Schiele and cost the new owner $ 40 million.

Landscapes in the works of Schiele quite a bit – and almost all of them are in museums. "Houses with colorful Laundry" - one of the best. This recollection of the artist's stay in český Krumlov, the birthplace of his mother and where Egon Schiele escaped from Vienna Bohemian life with his girlfriend Valerie Neuzel. However, they are very long managed to survive here. Unusual couple living without marriage, the villagers literally drove out of the city: collected signatures and got kicked out. Nevertheless, it is this medieval town, which stood history became the hero of the urban landscape by Schiele. Or rather, not the city itself, and experience. In images of Cesky Krumlov, there are no topographical matches on real places, art historians tried to find a match, but in vain.
But there is a favourite opinion Schiele at the world from the point of view of whether birds, or celestial from above. The artist also loved to paint and their naked women climbed the stairs with paper or canvas and canopy made sketches of the model. Rising over the city or over a woman, Schiele takes with him in the heavens and the viewer – to see the world differently.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Landscape, Urban landscape
Style of art and technique: Art Nouveau, Oil

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