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China • 1610−1693

Biography and information

Kun Can's in the world bore the surname of Liu, was born in Ulin (Changde, Prov. Hunan), one time he lived in Jinling (Nanjing). In the circle, where he knew prominent intellectuals -- artists and writers: Anu GU, Qian Canli, Zhou Langan, Gong Xian, Cheng Jankoy. Monastery in the mountains Sisi exhibition center was from Nanjing, a fraternity of which he was, was visited by people of the academic classes conducted here in conversations. Kun Can's personally participated in the armed forces, who fought against the Manchus, and after the troops were defeated, was forced to escape from persecution in the mountains. Wandering through the monasteries, he studied Buddhism, drew and wrote poetry.The prominence of the sun Jiang kun brought his landscape work.

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