Daniel Nicholas

Germany • 1726−1801

Biography and information

A descendant of Huguenots who migrated to Eastern Europe. At the age of 16 after his father's death moved with his younger brother in Berlin to his uncle. Uncle paid for their art education. In 1764 Daniel was accepted into the Berlin Academy of art in 1788 and became its Vice-Director, and in 1797 Director. Especially became famous as a graphic artist, portraitist and book Illustrator (including the Life and opinions of Tristram Shandy Lawrence stern, the Suffering of young Werther Goethe, the works of Klopstock, S. Richardson, etc.).

German painter, draftsman, engraver of Polish origin; from 1743 he lived in Berlin. Started out as a miniaturist, copying the works of Watteau, Lancret, Chardin, has not received special art education. Gained popularity because of the small paintings and drawings depicting scenes from the life of the burghers. Like William Hogarth and P. Longhi, he is not without hidden irony is telling us about the life and customs of a new class (the Card-table, the Society in the morning, both of Berlin, NAT. gallery). Chodowiecki was an outstanding schedule. He illustrated the works of Voltaire, Rousseau, Sterne, Beaumarchais, Lessing, Goethe, Schiller. His illustrations executed in the technique of etching, these editions represent the highest examples of art books of the eighteenth century, They subtly convey the national character of literary works of the age of Enlightenment. Apt characteristics in the interpretation of the characters combined with elegant decorative frame images in the form of vignettes and floral garlands. The series of etchings Marriage proposal and Simple or effectivene actions (1780-1781) for the Gottingen almanac — sharp, full of humour in scenes or in scenes with a touch of sentimentality tells about the events in the life of burghers, noticed the funny and instructive part of their life. In the etching Collection of the artist (1771) depicting the interior of the Studio in which the head of the family, taking snapshots of their loved ones, Chodowiecki turns to the theme of the artist's work, which often ranged by masters of the XVIII century This poetiziruet reality, a sentimental domestic scene foreshadows the art of the German Biedermeier.