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Giuseppe de

Italia • 1846−1884

Biography and information

Giuseppe de Nittis (ital. Giuseppe De Nittis, February 25, 1846 — August 12 Saint-Germain-EN-Laye) – the only Italian who took part in the first impressionist exhibition in the Studio of Nadar. It was called "the painter of elegant living" – for the love of the image of the life of high society. The first strong fascination for him was the painting in the spirit of Italian art of the group of macchiaioli (from the Italian. macchia — spot), practicing free composition, colours and oppose your approach rigid rules of academic art. Having been in Paris, de Nittis became interested in impressionism.

Giuseppe was born in the Italian town of Barletta in a family of wealthy landowners. In result of the accident in the 14 years he was left an orphan along with his older brother moved to Naples. The following year, de Nittis enrolled at the Royal Institute of fine arts, where he met representatives of the school macchiaioli. Two years later from the Institute he was safely expelled for the systematic violation of the rules and lack of diligence. Academic painting was not tempted in any way, but to abandon painting in General, he never thought, on the contrary, many worked in the open air, preferring the methods adopted have macchiaioli – the application of pure color patches on the canvas. This school prepared him for the acceptance of impressionism. Giuseppe visited various exhibitions of his contemporaries and participated in them himself. His debut took place at the Naples Fair in 1864.

Along with Adriano and Ceconi Domenico Morelli participated in the formation of the so-called School rubber – Commonwealth Neapolitan artists, who shared the views of the Association of macchiaioli.

In Paris, de Nittis first arrived in 1867, having decided to continue studying there. He entered the Paris School of fine arts on Jerome. Two years later, de Nittis presented their work at the Paris Salon. And, of course, not missed it in Paris with the Impressionists. De Nittis struck up a friendly relationship with Manetand Degaslater met Toulouse-Lautrec. Communication between the artists themselves – a good thing, and enriches methods expands the possibilities. For example, de Nittis influenced by Parisian Dating introduced into his paintings of people. Now he wrote not just landscapes, but people on the background of nature or of urban neighborhoods. However, in addition to brothers of the brush, there is a category of people, whose favor is very necessary to the artist, for the simple reason that to reach financial confidence in the future. For Giuseppe de Nittis the first person was a Paris art dealer Adolf Goupil. The gallery owner liked the manner of de Nittis, the painter undertook to write "popular and profitable plots". Great wording for favorite de Nittis subjects, applicable not only to the period of cooperation with Guillem.

When I finished this contract, de Nittis again lucky. Visited the first exhibition of the Impressionists English banker Kaye Knowles had his eye on the work of Italian and invited him to London. The British dubbed de Nittis "Parisians". And he de Nittis realized that he had found his style and impressionism. Although this is not entirely true. In the works of de Nittis successfully combined the discoveries of impressionism and so beloved by the upper light cabin style. He didn't seem revolutionary in art, and wasn't. But was very popular and loved by the audience, was considered a fashion artist. His paintings are mostly small in size, depict scenes from the city or social life, often using favorite impressionist effect stopped fleeting moments.

From Paris, de Nittis for some time returned to Italy, where he produced a series of images Vesuviusand he began to paint in pastels that long ago he recommended Edgar Degas. In the future, de Nittis was the one that gave this technique the preference.

The first solo exhibition of de Nittis in France with great success took place in the magazine La Vie Moderne. And permanent residence for him was Paris, and he did not come to Paris, and sometimes out of it, especially highlighting travel his native Italy and foggy London. "It is to Paris I owe my reputation"tried to explain Nittis. However, most likely that he just loved this city. His income is not allowed to live anywhere, but he always chose Paris. France appreciated his love of dignity, in 1878, he was awarded the Legion of honor.

The artist's wife became one of his Nudes, Leontine. He loved to write her and the baby. Their house was always open to guests, often held receptions that gathered like a Parisian artists and writers, and franzoesisches the Italians.

Giuseppe de Nittis lived a short life, at age 38, he died from a stroke. According to the will, his widow donated a large part of the pictures of her husband at his small home in the city of Barletta.

Author: Alain Esaulova