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Portrait A. L. Venetsianova, mother of the artist

Painting, 1801, 66×74 cm

Description of the artwork «Portrait A. L. Venetsianova, mother of the artist»

"Portrait Of A. L. Venetsianova" the first of the known works of Venetsianov. The artist was twenty-two when he wrote a portrait of his mother Anna Lukinichna. She was the wife of a poor merchant, and she came from a dynasty of merchant Kalashnikov (perhaps someone from her distant ancestors will sing Lermontov in "Song of the merchant Kalashnikov").

On her tightly compressed lips and tensely crossed arms suggest that to sit for a portrait to Anna Vakulenko is likely to account for the first time and that she feels embarrassed and uncomfortable.
Here are a few facts about the early work of Venetsianov.

Creating a portrait, the young artist did not cope with the depth of space
Venetsianov was practically self-taught, apart from the fact that his yard teacher ("uncle") Progeric sometimes gave him lessons in painting with pastels. So the first picture, with all its warmth and charm, feels the inability to convey spatial depth. The mother figure looks flattened, it is almost not felt volume.

Even with the transfer space Venetsianov mastered not much, but noticeable, with what care the young artist tried to prescribe the folds of the shawl, iridescent terracotta dress and satin cap its dressed up for the occasion of mother.

Welcome "touch" the portrait is borrowed from Rokotov
Venetsianov wrote Anna Lukinichna in a kind of smoky halo. This method of applying paint in the painting is called "touch". His "touch" Venetsianov borrowed from a famous portrait painter of the XVIII century Fedor Rokotovwho made this its own trademark. Interestingly, Venetsianov was not just familiar with the portraits of Rokotov, but also knew him personally as in his youth lived with his parents on the same street in Moscow. Rokotov was not his idol, but in 1800 years has definitely been an example to follow.

The picture could be killed like other early works of Venetsianov
In 1812, when burned Napoleon occupied Moscow, was burned and his parents house he used along with all his possessions. Many of the early works of the artist died in the fire. However, "Portrait of A. L. Venetsianova" survived. The fact is that, leaving in the early NINETEENTH century to seek fortune and fame in St. Petersburg, Venetsianov took a picture with him, as the portrait of his mother was particularly dear to him.

Author: Anna Yesterday
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1801

Size: 66×74 cm

Artwork in selections: 10 selections

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