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United States 
born in XX century
Biography and information
James C. Christensen is an American artist born on September 26, 1942 in CULVER city, California.
He lived a few blocks from the Studio M. G. M. and he had the opportunity in my childhood to play with friends in the pavilions, where they filmed the movies "Tarzan" and "gone with the wind". James was always distinguished by a rich imagination and loved to write stories with a lot of detail. Painting, he studied at the Los Angeles University, but interrupted his studies and went to South America, to Uruguay, to do missionary work, so his family belonged to the Mormons.

In South America, James Christensen came under the strong influence of the local school of painting, which he loved for life.

In 1972, James returned to the United States, in Utah and became the editor of the magazine "New era", which published stories and articles for the Mormon Church. He also worked on illustrations, but often prefer to create a painting for yourself, in your own style, trying to paint what he felt, like others. Very soon, Christensen realized that the most favorite, which received a great love of the audience, were those of his paintings, where he gave full freedom to your imagination. Paintings are very diverse and include religious and biblical stories, myths, legends, stories and just fantasy.
The hallmark of his paintings are flying fish, which are depicted in almost all his works.
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James Christensen. Her favorite room
Her favorite room
James Christensen
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James Christensen. Listener
James Christensen
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