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William Collins (eng. William Collins; 1788-1847) was an English painter, pupil of John. Of Moreland and the London Academy of arts (where he was elected a corresponding member in 1814, and an academician in 1820). The father of the novelist Wilkie Collins.

Painted pictures of folk life, in which with great love led to the scene kids with their pranks, joys and grief, and gave such an important role in the landscape setting, that it can be considered to the same extent landshaftnom as a genre painter. The works of Collins not too big, full of thin, somewhat dry and are characterized by truthfulness and warmth of contents. He had traveled to Paris, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Iceland, and, after two years (1837-1839) in Italy, moved there for religious painting, which, however, did not increase his fame, but instead brought his talent to the decline. To the best of his genre paintings — "Happy as a king", "Rural politeness", "Sale favorite lamb", "Departure of the fishermen", "Picking hops", "Destroyers of birds nests," "the Flight of sea birds" and some others.

When writing this article uses material from the Encyclopedic dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron (1890-1907).

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