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Portrait of the actor David Garrick with his wife

William Hogarth • Painting, 1757, 104×132 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Rococo
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1757
Size: 104×132 cm
Artwork in selections: 18 selections

Description of the artwork «Portrait of the actor David Garrick with his wife»

"A portrait of the actor David Garrick with his wife" is one of the jewels of the British Royal collection, stored in the Windsor Palace. It is interesting not only as the masterpiece of William Hogarth, but also as an experiment of the artist in the not-too characteristic style and genre. The genre is a formal portrait (with certain reservations, which will be discussed below), and style Rococo.

The famous English actor and playwright David Garrick (David Garrick) was a close friend of Hogarth. Both an artist and an actor adored by William Shakespeare. Garrick even built in his honor "the temple Shakespeare" in the Hamptons. And Hogarth has written a wonderful a portrait of Garrick in the role of Shakespeare's Richard III (Gallery of fine arts, the Walker, Liverpool).

Garrick was one of the few who was not disturbed by the explosive character of Hogarth. It is said that once Garrick, being in the Studio, just worked on his portrait, inadvertently noticed that his head seems to him not too similar. Hogarth instantly ran to the portrait and slipped face Garrick (the result of hard work within a few days) with black paint. However, even this did not prevent their friendship.

"Portrait of David Garrick with his wife" can be called the main portrait only partly. On the one hand, these necessary attributes of the solemn portraits as a column and gold tassels, Hogarth left. This kind of definitely portraits portrayed people in their socially significant role – indeed, Garrick is busy with his business. Before him on the green baize – inkwell and scribbled leaves, apparently, he's working on a prologue to a play. However, the presence of the portrait of the wife of Garrick, Eva Marie Weigel, immediately deprives the portrait is needed for the genre share of opinionate.

Eve was a popular dancer and a trendsetter, known under the stage name "lady Violet". The portrait of Hogarth, she concealed a smile creeps to her husband in the back and stretches the delicate brush to gently pull his fingers from the pen. All this makes the atmosphere of the painting a lightness and playfulness, characteristic of Rococo art.

The picture is replete with and other rocaille Curling motifs: wooden chair "Kabriol" decorated with ornaments in the shape of shells and scrollwork, the gestures of the characters full of grace, and their outfits match the fashion of the Rococo period. By the way, David, Eva was famous for his ability to dress in honor of David were even called a model double-breasted coat with a collar-pelerine. Hogarth eagerly passes on canvas blue velvet coat, a yellow silk dress, richly foaming lace, bracelets eve, buttonhole Garrick. Official portrait turns into a genre scene – a chamber in the spirit and fun mood. The family of Garrick was among the most expensive to the Hogarth people, and the feelings of mutual sympathy and admiration overwhelmed with the picture, making her a little off-hoganesque cheerful.

Author: Anna Yesterday