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Peder Severin

Peder Severin Krøyer 
The representative of the Danish national school of fine arts.
Years of life: 1851-1909 

Beginning of the creative ways the Danish innovative artist, a recognized leader of the realistic art of the second half of XIX - early XX century, belongs to the Royal Academy of arts, the city of Copenhagen. In 1864 Peter Severin Kreier was accepted for training at the age of 13. His first literary works in the Academy, differed fluent style, individual figure technique and wonderful sense of shades of color.
Biographers believe that the development of versatile creative personality of the artist was formed in the period of his training at the Paris school Illinoi in the period from 1877 to 1879. The artist's works in this period art varied themes: portraits, still life, interiors and genre paintings. Gradually form and preferences of the artist to portrait painting and paintings of the life style.
The beginning of realistic stage of the master is considered to be its works of the Paris period "cleaning sardines in Concarneau in Brittany" (1879) and "Village cap in Italy" (1880).
This canvas artist aroused heated discussion criticism. His work attracted the attention of artistic circles of the Motherland.
It is considered that in Paris was defined as a genre manner, and formed a characteristic of his art painting techniques of works by the master. A lot of color, brilliant, captivating palette paintings wizard distinguishes his work among the followers of the genre and style of the artists of the Impressionists, as a unique phenomenon.
Back home, master settled in Skagen, located in the North of Denmark. The participants of the subjects of paintings by masters become fishermen and local residents coast. It is dedicated to the artist's canvas "Fishermen from Skagen", 1883 and "fishermen on the beach", 1884 and other works of this period of creativity.
On the initiative of Crier and his Norwegian colleague Hkragh in Skagen in 1880 Academy has been created plein air painting. It is in the walls of this Academy was formed independent school of art Norwegian and Danish artists.
One of the most renowned artistic works of that time considered his painting "Breakfast artist in Skagen",1883. During this period he worked on the largest custom paintings. He often uses in his work to the songs in the interior, many in the open air. In these works he uses the effect of a sharp contrast of natural and artificial lighting. The use of this method in the monumental paintings "Exhibition Committee of the French exhibition of 1888 in Copenhagen" 1890 and "Session Royal Academy of Sciences" (1896-1897) allowed the artist clearly convey the atmosphere of the events and the characters of his paintings.
Creative heritage of Peter Seweryn Crier based on the search of new artistic solutions, offered strong influence on the development of the national school of fine arts subsequent generations of artists.


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