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Germany • 1785−1841

German painter, draftsman. Belonged to the circle of artists of the time Nazarene works. He studied first in Dessau and then in the art Academies of Berlin and Dresden, where he experienced the influence of Caspar David Friedrich. The period from 1807 to 1810 he spent in Paris. He then worked in Vienna, where he became acquainted with landscape painting. A. Koch. In 1814 traveled with Koch in Salzburg. From 1816 a member of the Brotherhood of SV. Luke (Lucasbund), though he never was in Rome. Was friends with South Snorra von Carosella. In 1830 he moved to Munich; in 1833 he received the title of Professor of the Academy of fine arts in Munich.

Worked in the genres of landscape and portraiture. Portrait of Yuri Snorre von Carlsfeld (1820, Dresden, State. the art collection) executed in the tradition of painting of the time Nazarene works. Each artist is shown in a modest dark dress, holding a book. The strict composition of a portrait reminiscent of works by masters of the Northern and Italian Renaissance. Landscape the Courtyard of the Capuchin monastery in Salzburg (1826, Leipzig, Museum of fine arts) is close in the manner of execution of the works. A. Koch. The perfect landscape is enlivened by excerpts from contemporary reality. Drawings by Olivier very specifically and at the same time poetically convey the nature, the flavor of Italian villages and the German provinces (Frauenstein about Mödling, 1823, Dresden, State. the art collection).

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