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Giacomo Balla (Italian. Giacomo Balla; July 18, 1871, Turin — March 1, 1958, Rome) — Italian painter, one of the founders of Italian futurism.

In 1900, the artist went to Paris, where he met with such directions as impressionism and pointillism. In 1901−1902 introduces Severini and Boccioni with its developed of the divisionism painting technique and makes them two of the Manifesto of futurism (1910). With their data on the canvases of the "broken motion" and "moving light" was one of the forerunners of abstract art. As a staunch supporter of spiritualism, he builds his paintings as "metaphysical paintings" (Pittura metafisica), hoping to pass on to paint a mental condition or a fleeting effects of sensuality without external connection with a specific image. In 1929, Balla signed the Manifesto of aerogeodesy.

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