Poland • 1869−1946
Jozef Mehoffer (19 March 1869, Repiace, Austria-Hungary – July 8, 1946, Wadowice, Poland) - a key figure in one of the branches of Polish impressionism. Allocate the Warsaw impressionism, more traditional, close to the French-oriented by Monet and Renoir (this includes Jozef Pankevich, Leon Wyczolkowski), and original, "intuitive" impressionism, whose members gravitated to the postimpressionist samples and sympathized with the symbolism. The brightest artist of this branch – Jozef Mehoffer.

Mehoffer in his youth received from two entities: "things" he graduated from the law faculty at the Jagiellonian University, and "soul" in parallel studied at the Krakow Academy of fine arts. His teacher was Isidor Jablonski, Jan Matejkoand Vladislav Leshkevich. Later Mehoffer also attended the Vienna Academy of fine arts.

Center of artistic life in those years was Paris, he asked each painter and józef Mehoffer is no exception. He left the French capital in 1891. For five years, absorbing new trends, which in Paris is actively originated and branched out, he studied at the private Academy of arts Rodolfo Julianand private Academy Filippo colarossi. However, the official Academy of fine arts Mehoffer also did not avoid, worked in the Studio of léon Bonnat. Traveling to Western Europe during learning, Jozef Mehoffer admired the Gothic cathedrals. Perhaps here we must look for the origins of his fascination with stained glass. Because of the international fame to Mehoffer came primarily as the Creator of magnificent stained glass Windows for the Swiss Gothic Church of St. Nicholas in Fribourg. This process Mehoffer gave more than 40 years – from 1895 to 1936. His mosaics can be seen in many Polish, chapels and cathedrals (1, 2).
The first personal exhibition of Jozef Mehoffer took place in the Warsaw Society for the encouragement of arts Zacheta in Warsaw. The debut was successful, and soon his exhibitions were held in many Polish cities and abroad.

Mehoffer – large representative of the artistic period, known as Mloda Polska ("Young Poland") and marked the flourishing cultural life of the country. He also is among the founders of the Society of Polish artists Sztuka ("Art"). Talent Jozef Mehoffer multifaceted. Sun impressionist, post impressionist bright, the founder of modern Polish painting (as good portraits of his wife Jadwiga! - 1, 2), historical and portrait painter, poster designer, graphic artist, printmaker, jewelry designer and theatre furniture, Illustrator (book Tadeusz Krushinskogo "History of Christian art" magazine "Chimera", Wczoraj i dzis, Zdroj). He even designed banknotes and stamps!

As a designer Mehoffer acted not only in theater, but when building your own home near Krakow. This house served the family nest, and workshop, and a gathering place for supporters of the "Young Poland". Currently, there is House-Museum of Jozef Mehoffer.

Mehoffer in 1901 returned to over in his youth the Academy of fine arts Krakow as associate Professor of decorative art and religious painting. Four years later he received the title of Professor. Was thrice elected rector of the Academy repeatedly awarded Gold medals at major international exhibitions. Mehoffer success, he was recognized and admired as in their own country and abroad.

During the Second world war Jozef Mehoffer family went to Lviv, but was captured during the RAID and placed in a Nazi concentration camp. Fortunately, his name at the time, enough occurred in the art world to make a variety of circles to take active measures to save life and health of Mehoffer. Key was the intervention of the Vatican and the Italian government, who managed to secure the release of the artist. In 1940 he returned to Krakow, and in 1946 at the age of 77 years died in the city of Wadowice.

Features of the artist Jozef Mehoffer: enthusiasm for the subject lighting, solar light. Synthesis of impressionist, postimpressionist and modernist started. Decorative, ornamental. Admiring the time and poesy of its symbolism.

Famous painting artist Jozef Mehoffer: "The amazing garden", "Portrait of the wife with Pegasus","Overgrown garden".

Author: Alain Grosheva
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