Netherlands • 1546−1611

In 1565 made a journey to Paris, where he studied with Niccolo del abbate, and 1567 he worked in Italy as an assistant Taddeo Zuccari. In 1570 Pope Pius V appointed him painter to the Holy Curia in Rome. From 1575, Springer invited for the post of court painter to Emperor Maximilian II in Vienna. From 1581 bartolomeus, Spranger worked as court painter to Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II in Prague. He was a typical representative of mannerism. Engravings by Hendrick Goltzius from the paintings of Bartholomeus of Sprenger made his work widely known throughout Europe. Thanks to Sprenger, Dutch mannerism in the last two decades of the XVI century has undergone drastic changes.In his paintings, Spranger portrayed Nude mythological heroes in various complex and sometimes unbelievable poses. He died in Prague in 1611.

Spranger was one of the most influential artists of his time. His artistic talent manifested itself in childhood from the age of 11 he was trained by the artists of Jan Mandana in Antwerp and Cornelis van Dalema. After graduation, he went to Paris and then to Lyon. In 1565 he arrived in the scenic Mecca of the time — Italy. He worked in Milan, Bernardino Gatti in Parma and Alessandro Farnese in Rome. Spranger participated in the design of the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola.

From 1570 to 1572 years .. was in the position of the artist from the Pontifical of Pope Pius V. By order of the Pope he painted pictures devoted to scenes of the Passion of Christ, and a copy of "the last judgment" by Michelangelo. After my dad died he was working on the orders of Roman churches, and in 1575, on the recommendation of Giovanni Bologna, already a famous artist, was invited to the court of king Rudolph II, and in 1580 moved to Prague. Spranger wrote not only for the courtyard but also on numerous other influential people of his time.

In 1582 .. got married, moved for a time in Vienna, and in 1584 he returned to Prague and in the same year he was awarded its own coat of arms. In 1595 he was awarded knighthood. In 1602, being a wealthy man, he visited Holland, where he was received with honors. In Prague on his return he began to get more and more complex art assignments which he has successfully solved using new painting techniques. The Prague court was invited a huge number of artists, Spranger studied the new trends and was inspired by the emerging Baroque style. The well-known engraver of his time Hendrik Goltzius used a picture of Spangler for his works. Spranger was introduced to Northern Europe with Italian mannerism, and was the forerunner of many Baroque painters as, for example, his compatriot Peter Paul Rubens.

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