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Petrovich Kehler-Viliandi


The founder of Estonian national school of painting. Portrait painter, author of paintings on mythological, literary and social themes as well as landscapes.

Ivan Koehler-Viliandi in 1848 1855гг. studied at A. T. Markov. In 1855 for the painting "Hercules removes Cerberus from hell" received a small gold medal. In 1857.-the title of class artist 1-th degree. In 1857-1862гг.-for the studies abroad.

Artist Koehler-Viliandi with 1861. academician for the painting "the Crucifixion", and in 1862 1863гг. he taught at the Drawing school OPKh. From 1867. Professor for a portrait of Prince A. M. Gorchakov.

Academician (since 1861) and Professor (since 1867) of the Russian Imperial Academy of arts Ivan Petrovich Keler, born near the city Fellin in the province of Livonia, began his journey in art with Scripture signs.

Having some experience in the art of painting, he in 1846 arrived in St. Petersburg and two years of earning their daily bread. Only in 1848 he attended the Academy of fine arts, where under the guidance of Professor Markov has made rapid progress. His student work "Hercules removes Cerberus from the underworld" and "Saul at Endor sorceress measured small and large gold medals."

In 1857, J. Koehler as a pensioner Society for the encouragement of artists sent to improve their skills abroad. After returning to Russia begin stellar years of the artist. He writes a lot of portraits of dignitaries. Among them were images of emperors Alexander II and Alexander III, President of the Academy of arts Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, Russian Chancellor (and former fellow students of A. S. Pushkin in the Lyceum) of Prince A. M. Gorchakov.

But no single portraits wrote IP Koehler. Among his works, and the image of the Church and paintings on biblical themes as well as landscapes, genre paintings and even images of female nudity. Did I. P. köhler and public good works, arranging personal exhibitions in favor of the needy.

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