Grigorievna Captain (Arapova)

Russia • 1889−1976

Biography and information

Painting classes began under the leadership of her husband, artist A. A. Arapov; studied in Moscow at VKhUTEMAS under p. P. Konchalovsky (1923-1924) and A. A. Osmerkin (1924-1926). From 1926 to 1940 she lived in Leningrad. Probably in 1929-1930 he joined the staff of MAI and stayed there until 1932 At the First citywide exhibition of fine arts (1930) participated under the pseudonym Julian Koltsov. Who knew Kapitanova celebrated her creative talent, intelligence and independence of judgment. Arapov wrote that marrying her was for him "the basis for more in-depth attitude to life and creativity". The mind and talent of the artist was celebrated, and he being indignant, however, her "bad" character. According to many team members of MAI, who recalled the split, just the behavior of Kapitanove gave rise to controversy. Note that in the monograph "Pavel Filonov. A Hero and His Fate", published by N. Miller, and D. Boulton published the reproduction is stored in a private collection of work Kapitanova, close the plot of the picture "field of Mars", performed it for the First citywide exhibition and caused, according to the testimony of E. A. Kibrik, condemnation by some members of the team, exposing more of the underlying processes. She probably was alien to the collective method of work, given that she came to the Association in a difficult period, when it was felt the gap between Filanovsky concept of "collective workshop" and its embodiment in specific historical situations. As eyewitnesses of events during this period in school Filonova really was a dictatorship, pressure from the "old" or "leading" members of the team, "zealous masters", as they are characterized T. N. Glebova. Moreover, the hard Statute of the Association MAI suppressed, in understanding Kapitanova, individuality. Characteristically, this feeling first came to tn.Glebova, and E. A. Serebryakova. During the work on the "Kalevala" Filonov was forced to part with the artist. However, they illustrate has been extraordinarily important and interesting in creative terms. Judging by the response letters Arapova, she shared with him their thoughts and doubts in respect of illustrations, and in connection with the increasingly complicated environment. Then worked in theaters in Leningrad and Moscow, helping Arapov in design shows.