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Vasilyevich Belyaev

Russia • 1867−1928

Biography and information

Student of the Academy of fine Arts from 1886 to 1891, Received medals: small silver 1887; a large silver-1888; large silver-1889; a small Golden-1890 for the program: "the Healing of the lame man by the Apostle Peter." 1 Nov 1891-the title of class artist of 1 degree for the program "SV. Queen Alexandra declares himself a Christian." Academician since 1913 and Professor of senior Art School at the Academy of fine Arts. (Kondakov)

Vasily was born in a merchant family in St. Petersburg, studied at the gymnasium and at the same time drawing in the school at the school of Baron Stieglitz. In 1891, after graduating from the Academy of fine arts, received the title of class artist I degree and a small gold medal. In 1914 he was elected Professor of the Academy, 1920 - head of the Studio of monumental painting. In 1921 he was elected rector of the Academy of arts of studies.

From 1887 to 1900 Belyaev has created 48 sketches for the mosaics of the Church of the Resurrection.

On the North wall - "Christ in the house of Mary and Martha", "the healing of the demoniac at Capernaum"; salt "Supper at Emmaus"; on the East wall - the "Blessing of children"; in the North the small apse - "Great yield" (eight saints on the vault of the Northern apse), "the Descent of the Holy spirit"; South dome dome - "the sermon on the mount"; in the Western dome arch "Entrance to Jerusalem"; on the West side - "the entombment"; in 16 the sails of small domes - "Cherubim mnogoletie"; on the West the ceiling - "Cross at the lights and the four cherubim"; on the North side of the Western part - "the Crucifixion"; on the South side of the Western part of the "Descent into hell"; around the West window - "for Thine is the Kingdom", "the Second coming of Christ", "angel" and "Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky"; on the walls of the small apses of the Church - "the Sign of the virgin", "the Image of our lady of Kazan"; in the Western part - "Uspenie Bogorodichno", the "Introduction of the virgin in the temple", "exaltation of the cross," "the Intercession of the virgin," "Abraham's Sacrifice", "old Testament Trinity", "the burning Bush", "Jacob's Dream"; on the pylons and pilasters - "St. Anthony the Great and Ephrem the Syrian", "the Holy martyrs George and the Empress Alexandra", "the Apostles Peter and Paul", "Monk Nestor the chronicler and long-suffering Moses", "Martyrs Theodore and John of Kiev", "The apostles Philip and Bartholomew"; in the vaults of the porches - "Fatherland", "Archangel Michael Cathedral", "the Praise of the blessed virgin Mary", "Sophia Wisdom of God"; on the North wall of the bell tower - "Deesis"; in the headdress of the North façade is "Saint Cyril", "Saint Andrew", "St. Anastasia and St. Peter", "Saint George", "St. Xenia", "Saint mark", "Archangel Gabriel", "Seraphim", the "Holy Apostle Andrew", "Saint archdeacon Stephen and St. James", "St John and St Eustace".