Kaetanovich Byalynitsky-Birulya

Russia • 1872−1957

Biography and information

He studied at the drawing school of N. I. Murashko in Kiev, later-the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. From 1899 to 1918 he exhibited his works at the travelling exhibitions (from 1904-a member of a Partnership). Was also the Society's behalf Arkhip Kuindzhi and the Moscow Association of artists. With 1908 -- academician. After the revolution in his works performed continuer of realistic traditions of Russian lyrical landscape. People's artist of the RSFSR and the BSSR member of the Academy of arts of the USSR.

Born in the village of Krynki, near Byalynichy (now Mogilev oblast, Belarus) on 31 January (12 February), 1872 in the family of the landowner. He studied at the Kyiv drawing school N. And.Murashko (1885-1889) and the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture (1889-1897) I. Pryanishnikova, S. Korovin, and Vasily Polenov. He was a member of the "Itinerants society", "Union of Russian artists", "the Society's behalf Arkhip Kuindzhi". In 1922 he joined the AHRR. Lived mainly in Moscow.

Continued the tradition of impressionist landscape – lyrically-emotional, marked lively, "sketchy" easy colorful letters and a love for the transition (especially spring) States of nature (Spring, 1911; the Ice has gone, 1930; Thoughtful days of autumn, 1932-1942; all three works are in the Tretyakov gallery). Amid growing official criticism of the genre for his "lack of principle" has developed a special type of a "memorial landscape", dedicated to the places associated with the life and work of prominent artists. Among his works is a series of paintings Yasnaya Polyana (1928, Museum of L. N. Tolstoy, Moscow) and the Estate of P. Tchaikovsky in Klin (1942, the House-Museum of Tchaikovsky, the Wedge). Also wrote Lenin in Gorki (1924 and 1945), the Pushkin Mikhailovskoye (1936-1937) and Stalin's Gori (1946-1947). Not once went to a creative trip on a mission to capture the different "building communism", but mostly brought its natural lyrics. In this sense, is referring to the ratio of the task and the result was close to K. G. Paustovsky.

Died Byalynitsky-Birula in Moscow on 18 June 1957. Posthumously published his memoirs sketch book From the notes of the artist (1958).

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