Russia • 1911−1988

Biography and information

11.02.1911.Simferopol – 23.02.1988. city of Isfara Tajik SSR) is an artist.

From 1928 to 1934 he studied at the Studio Academy of. N. With.Samokish. In the same period, he worked in radio with the other hand, Rejepova, became his wife. After the Studio Absalyamov was recommended for admission into the Institute of arts in Leningrad.

In Tajikistan since 1945.

The participant of Republican, all-Union exhibitions since 1936.

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1958.

His hands belong on "Uskut" (1936), "Night in the Crimea" (1958), "the Crimean cypresses" (1958), "Red roofs" (1979), "Gurzuf. Where there was Pushkin" (1980).

(Author: Elmira Cherkezova)

Literature about him:

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