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Aramovich Akopov

Russia • born in 1939

Born August 1, 1939, Tbilisi. Honored artist of Russia, Professor of the State specialized Institute of arts, Board member, Chairman of the exhibition Committee of the Moscow branch of the Russian Union of artists (MOSKH of Russia). Since 1969 he worked as an artist at the Works of decorative design and decorative art. Since 1977 – member of Union of artists of the USSR. Elected member of the section Bureau of design and decorative arts, member of the audit Committee of Moscow Union of artists, member of many art councils of Moscow Union of artists. Rafael A. – the author of projects of many of the pavilions at ENEA (VVC): "education", "consumer Goods", "Gas industry", "Health", "vocational education" and others. Participated in the design of administrative buildings of the Moscow Kremlin; the monumental spatial composition of the Izmailovo hotel complex; building Federal ministries of petroleum industry, timber and woodworking industry; Physical Institute. Lebedev Academy of Sciences; the concert hall "charge". From 1985 to 1990 is a referent for culture House of Soviet Culture in Yugoslavia, where it took more than 10 solo exhibitions of paintings by Rafael Aramovich. Adopted as an Honorary member of the Union of artists makedoni, awarded the Silver medal of the Academy of painting in Serbia. R. A. Akopov, member of the Board of Moscow Union of artists of Russia, Chairman of the exhibition Committee of Mosh. In 90-e years was a member of the Board of the International art Fund. Work of Raphael Akopova are in the state Museum, landscape (ples), the Stavropol State Museum of private collections of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Germany, France, USA, Norway, UAE and other countries.

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