Russia • born in 1949

Biography and information

Painter. He graduated from the Moscow polygraphic Institute.


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Major exhibitions and creative dates

1974 — Moscow forest Park "Izmailovo".The second autumn show of paintings in the open air.

1977 — Exhibition of paintings. The Moscow United Committee of artists graphs(Malaya Gruzinskaya,28).

1984, January — Exhibition of paintings, sculpture and graphics. Institute of electronic control machines (INEUM). Moscow

1984, December - Galerie mit Unterstutzung von J. Kibitzky. Dusseldorf. Germany

1986 — "Arbatr" Exhibition hall "Kiev". Moscow

1987, Moscow

Exhibition and auction of the Soviet cultural Foundation "New chamber art". Exhibition hall of the Soviet culture Fund.

"Artama". Central house of architect.

The first exhibition of ironic art. Exhibition hall "Sevastopol".

The annual exhibition of the closed type "Осень87". Exhibition hall of JSC "SVT".

"Aniline wind." Exhibition hall "Sevastopol".


The first exhibition of free youth art associations "Labyrinth". Moscow Palace of youth.

"Paper clock". Exhibition hall "October". Moscow

1990 — Creative trip to London to participate in the exhibition "Moscow in Cambridge" under contract with the magazine "Ogonek", which in the course of the year exhibited the work of Sergei Alferov in the UK.

1994-1995 — At the invitation of a German businessman and art patron Akkerhage Musketeers in six months participated in the design and completion of his work of the interior of the newly constructed Berlin Estrel Hotel Rezidence Congres.All created during this period, works are in the permanent exhibition of the Hotel.

[edit] Solo exhibitions

1997 — Exhibition hall "Gallery Solianke". Moscow

1989 — "War of 1812". Exhibition hall of the Cheryomushki district. Moscow

2000 — "Centre Periphery".Exhibition hall "On Kashirka". Moscow.

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