Nikolayevich Mordvinov

Russia • 1799−1858

The son of a famous Russian statesman, Admiral N. With. Mordvinov Alexander Mordvinov (the future count) did not receive systematic education of the picturesque. Just during a trip to Italy (1832-1833), a young Mordvinov began to perform sketches, which on his return to Petersburg was embodied in the paintings. And then — aware of the situation. The lines and colors of the chain are able to draw people. Earl A. N. Mordvinov started painting seriously until the end of his days. He enjoys the advice and lessons of famous artists, a lot of work. Types of cities in which he visited, testify to the high performing skills. In many of his landscapes painted in accordance with the requirements of classicism, the artist introduces elements of his own vision of the execution of the paintings. So, a pink mist over the background of the majestic Cathedral how would outlines a departure from the purely academic requirements. Known A. N. Mordvinov and that drew still lifes — trompe l'oeil, rare in the XIX century views of the scenic art, when the artist in accordance with the myth of Ancient Greece is trying its literal depiction of the objects to mislead the unsuspecting audience.

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