Fedorovna Amosova-Bunak

Russia • 1892−1965

(1888, Oranienbaum – 1965, Moscow)

Artist neoklassitsisticheskoy direction, set designer, schedule.

Daughter of Vice-Admiral F. I. Amosov.

In 1903 to 1905, attended Drawing classes at the Y. S. Goldblatt in St. Petersburg from 1911 to 1914 he studied at the Academy of arts in Rome.

Participant of exhibitions since 1912. Exhibited in the "independent Partnership"

in the "New society of artists" (organizer and leader of D. N. Kardovsky), was close to the circle "World of art".

In 1914 – 1917 illustrated such popular magazines like "the Sun of Russia", "Lukomorye", "Ogonek" (about 70 pieces).

In 1915 took place the first and last lifetime personal exhibition of works of the artist in the Cameron gallery in Tsarskoye Selo.

1915 Amosova worked as a theater decorator at K. A. Mardanova, N. N. Evreinov and other Directors, first in Petrograd, then (since 1918) in Moscow.

In 1926 he created a series of paintings and sketches of stamps according to the materials of the expedition

the Tannu-Tuva Republic. The leader of the expedition, an outstanding anthropologist and ethnographer V. V. Bunak became the second husband Amosova (first, L. N. Annibal, disappeared

in the vicissitudes of the Civil war). Since that time, the artist signed his work hyphenate: Amosova-bunak.

The second half of the creative life quite closed, though, and has created a large number of paintings, mostly landscapes.

Work Amosova-Bunak are in state Russian Museum, the Museum of fine arts. Pushkin Theater Museum im. A. A. Bakhrushin, in many other meetings.


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