Fedorovich Andreenko (Nechitailo)

Ukraine • 1894−1982

Biography and information

Painter, graphic artist, theater. artist. He graduated from the faculty of law. f-t Petrograd. University (1918).. studied at the Drawing school of N. Roerich, I. Bilibin And A. Rylov. From 1914 he worked as a graphic artist, designed the theatre. performances. Since 1920, in exile, from 1923 lived and worked in Paris. Was known as the theatre. artist, author of surrealist paintings and works in the spirit of cubism. The 1950s turned to constructivist and abstract painting. The author of prose works. (Coll. of short stories ""the Crossroads", 1979).

He studied at the Drawing school of the Society for the encouragement of artists in St. Petersburg (1912-1917). In 1918 he moved to Odessa. He was an artist of the Chamber theatre of K. Miklashevsky in Odessa (1918-1919).


In 1920 he emigrated to Romania and worked as a decorator of the Royal Opera in Bucharest. In 1921-1923 he lived in Prague, created the scenery in the Russian chamber theatre.


In 1923 moved to Paris, designed the performances of the troupe of F. F. Komissarzhevsky, worked in the movie. In 1925 participated in the exhibition "33 Russian artists". In 1926 in the International theatre exhibition in new York, in 1927 - in the all-Ukrainian exhibition for the 10th anniversary of the Oct.


In the 1960-70s solo exhibitions in Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Rome.


Works are in the Museum of modern art in Paris, the Museum "Victoria and albert" in London, the Metropolitan Museum of art in new York, the National library in Vienna.