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Emelyanovich Andreenkov

Russia • born in 1930

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

He was born in 1930. in the town of Chausy Mogilev region in Belarus. In 1944. he moved to Moscow and entered the secondary art school at the Academy of fine arts. In 1958. he graduated from the Art Institute named after Surikov. Exposed with 1958. Member of the Moscow branch of Union of artists since 1962.

Works are in State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, art museums of Tula, Orel, Kemerovo, the Mogilev regional art Museum of Belarus, Museum of modern art in Padua, Italy, "Gallery Nadi Brykina", Zurich, Switzerland, as well as in private collections in USA, France, Italy, Switzerland and other countries.


1958 – 4th Youth exhibition of Moscow artists, Kuznetsky most, 11, Moscow;

1958 – all-Union exhibition, Manege, Moscow;

1970 – gallery Renee Ziegler, Zurich, Switzerland;

1978 – "Moscow – the capital of the Soviet Union", Berlin, GDR;

1980 – personal exhibition, hall of artists, Begovaya, 7, Moscow;

1986 – "Scientific-technical progress and art", Central house of artists, Moscow;

1987 – International Biennale of graphics, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia;

1988 – exhibition in memory of K. Malevich, "On Kashirke", Moscow;

1988 "Geometry in art", "na Kashirke", Moscow;

1988 – exhibition of Moscow artists, Dublin, Ireland;

1989 – "Scientific-technical progress and art", Kuznetsky most, 11, Moscow;

1989 – gallery "Collection", Central house of artists, Moscow;

1989 – "Russian art", auction Phillips, London, UK;

1989 – "28 artists", riverside Studio, London, UK;

1989 – international exhibition, Palace of culture, Baghdad, Iraq;

1989 – "the Union of artists and Association of artists of Italy", Trieste, Italy;

1990 Art 90, Padua and Venice, Italy;

1990 – "Another art", state Tretyakov gallery, Moscow;

1990 – international exhibition of "Object", Amsterdam, the Netherlands;

1990 – "Moscow artists", Chicago, USA;

1991 "Three artists", exhibition hall Kuznetsky most, 11, Moscow;

1991 – "Contemporary artists K. Malevich", Tretyakov gallery, Moscow;

1991 – "the way of creativity. In Memory Of K. Malevich", Sumy, Ukraine;

1992 – exhibition of Moscow graphics, Paris, France;

1993 – "Five artists", Padova, Italy;

1993 – "Dia-Logos-93", Rome and Venice, Italy;

1994 – international exhibition, Milan, Italy;

1994 – exhibition in the gallery "Fioretto", Venice, Italy;

1997 – international art fair, Manege, Moscow;

1997 – "Harmony of contrasts", Academy of fine arts, Moscow;

1997 – "Ways of abstraction", Manege, Moscow;

1999 – "the Association "circle," the pastel exhibition, the Central house of artists, Moscow;

2000 – "Moscow-Petersburg", Saint-Petersburg;

2000 – "Abstraction in Russia: XX century", Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg;

2000 – "Union "Circle", Central house of artists, Moscow;

2000 – "Petersburg-Moscow", exhibition hall Kuznetsky most, 11, Moscow;

2001 – "Abstraction in Russia. XX century", gallery "Kovcheg", Moscow;

2001 – personal exhibition, Kuznetsk bridge, 20, Moscow;

2001 – "Province capital", Yaroslavl;

2003 – "Pastel", Yaroslavl, Kostroma;

2003 – "Abstraction in Russia. The second half of the twentieth century", Tretyakov gallery, Moscow;

2007 – personal exhibition, "Gallery Nadi Brykina", Zurich, Switzerland.

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