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born in 1941

Biography and information


Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

For forty years, continuing the career of the sculptor Babasary Annamuradov

Motherland, mourners in front of their sons. The mighty bull – the image of a natural cataclysm, raising the horns on the Ground. Epic of Oguz Khan, which opens a gallery of images of prominent personalities of the centuries-old Turkmen history. A dozen runaway Akhal-Teke horses from under the hoofs which the elastic jets of the water fountain...

It is hard to imagine Ashgabat stripped of these monumental works adorning the city squares and parks in the last 15 years. The author of these memorable compositions – people's artist of Turkmenistan Babasary of Annamuradov. For the first time began to exhibit his work at the Republican art exhibitions in late 1960s he at once showed himself to be extraordinary-minded artist with a fresh perspective on life. His work had a touch of national identity, attracted to its artistic rhythms and lines of the songs, poetic and substantial, philosophical orientation.

The boy from the tejend post-war collective farm and the starvation of time, whose father was killed in the war, when he was only 1 year (Babasary born in 1941), he created his fate, and his own artistic world. His persistence, perseverance, purposefulness was fully apparent when, deciding to become an artist, he in 1958, he arrived in Ashgabat in the five years she graduated from art school.

The path to the great art ran, as expected, through the thorns. Before to declare itself as about the current master. Babasary served in the army, taught in the native collective farm school, again studied, this time in the Tashkent theatre and art Institute named after A. N. Ostrovsky (now the name of Behzad), after which in 1970 he returned to Ashgabat. 1960-70-ies became for Babasary time expanding their spiritual and intellectual horizon, accumulation of professional artistic Arsenal.

Young Babasary deeply felt in ancient art in his work "the Student", "Contemporary", "Head worker", "variations on a theme of Phidias", for which he was awarded the prize of Lenin Komsomol of Turkmenistan. These works are filled with admiration for the beauty and power of the human spirit, faith in its enormous possibilities for improving world order. These images mark a universal beginning with features of romantic poetics.

The path to mastery for Babasary ran through easel works of different genres and in different materials. Portraits and thematic compositions executed in marble, bronze, wood, chamotte. Speaking of the portrait genre in the works of Babasary, note that the author is primarily interested in the psychology of characters, their complexity and uniqueness. In portraits bakhshi, Orazgeldy Ilyasova, composer Led Mukhatova, national writer Berdy Kerbabaev, poet Kurbannazar Ezizov in apparently static calm is striking disclosure of the author to their creative spirit, transmission of intensity of thoughts and emotional intensity of images.

Undoubtedly, one of the masterpiece of creativity Babasary remains a sculptural portrait of "woman in a headscarf". Here the artist appears experienced, Mature master, a true professional. The simplicity of the composition is carefully considered, flowing lines of the silhouette with a slight inclination of the head, soft, plastic, reveal the generalized poetic image of a young woman. Warm brown - ochre picturesque tone smooth treated wood sounds in unison with the lyrical tone of the image.

One of the last works Babasary "Khan and Khanum" attracts the historicity of the characters embodies a generalized image of the Turkmen nature of manhood, of pride, durability, and beauty. Deep awareness of the author of his involvement in the course of the history of Turkmenistan, and inseparability from the fate of the country read in the theme chooser. Not only in genre but in the whole image-plastic system this composition possesses true monumentality, uplifting the spirit of the nation.

Historical themes in the work of the sculptor triumphantly embodied in a series of monumental compositions dedicated to outstanding personalities who have glorified the centuries Turkmenistan. The austere beauty of Independence Park, crowned by the stately monument, ideally complemented by sculptural portraits of the Pleiades, a prominent Turkmen rulers, warriors, philosophers and writers. The monuments were executed by a group of Turkmen artists at the sketches and models Babasary Annamuradov and under his leadership. Gallery of vivid images expresses the feeling of proud independence, the hidden drama, of noble dignity, subtly conveyed in gestures, the turns and angles in the faces with intricate shades of the inner, spiritual life.

Getting to the embodiment in stone of the most difficult subjects of the continuity of connection times, Babasary already had extensive experience of successful implementation of large-scale spatial solutions, established his authority muralist. In 1985 he became the laureate of the state prize named after Magtymguly created for them in the center of Ashgabat monument to the Turkmen citizens who fell in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, eternal flame in their honor and memory.

And therefore it is not surprising that Annamuradov was instructed to memorialize the victims of the devastating Ashgabat earthquake of 1948. He created powerful characters of the Ashgabat tragedy – and in the center of the Turkmen capital, in the village of Kipchak – an unforgettable originality of artistic decisions. They are organically connected with the surrounding space and the city, and cemeteries in the village, where are buried the victims of the disaster.

Music creativity Babasary Annamuradov using in their work achieve art of the Turkmen people, sounds widely, it was heard not only in our homeland but also in many countries of the world where familiar with his works – France, Argentina, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Hungary and, of course, in Russia. Many of his best works are in major museums in Moscow – the Tretyakov gallery, the Museum of arts of the East, in many famous private collections. Not coincidentally, in 2000, Babasary was awarded the Golden Pushkin medal "For contribution to development, preservation of traditions of national culture, the development and establishment of new styles and trends in art and cultural figures of citizens and representatives abroad".

In the intonations of his works we hear the new, modern harmony, it attracts artistic power, originality of national identity, the pathos of reassurance. Plastic of his works is inseparable from the spirituality of a high order. He is a master of deeply popular, reaching from the national to the universal, with sensitivity to the best achievements of other cultures.

Babasary manage over the years not to lose a good creative shape. His professional plastic thinking becomes thinner obostrennoe, not the early exploits of the solution. Master looking for a new ethical interpretation of the deeply human images, trying to Express them fresh content, the attitude of the new time, without losing their national soil.

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