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Olegovich Apukhtin

Russia • born in 1952 • artist, collector

Born in 1952, a descendant of the famous noble family.

Graphic artist, painter, Illustrator of children's and classic world literature.

1981. member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

Member Of The Academy Of Arts Of Uzbekistan.

In 1977. for a series of graphic works was awarded a gold medal and diploma of I degree of the Academy of Arts of the USSR and the USSR Ministry of Culture.


Apukhtin V. O. participates in international exhibitions. Works

Apukhtina V. O. are in the collections of the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow (Russia),

State Museum of Oriental art, Moscow(Russia)

State Pushkin Museum, Moscow(Russia)

The state Museum of arts of Uzbekistan (Tashkent), in the Krasnoyarsk art Museum (Russia), Kaliningrad art gallery (Russia), in private collections abroad - USA. Belgium, Japan, Italy, Germany, France. India, Israel, And Brazil.

1988. Apukhtin V. O. deals primarily with painting, philosophy, psychology.

In 1991. definitively philosophical and aesthetic conception of "ACADEMIA MAGIC ART", in the context of which there are theoretical and practical work at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and art.

In 1992. a new style of "SPIRITUAL HEAL ART" "ART of SPIRITUAL HEALING", the system which developed such topics as:





In 1994. Apukhtin V. O. creates a unique project in the field of sacred art "SPIRIT GATE" - the "SPIRITUAL GATE". The essence of the project is as follows: 20 monuments (lighthouses), celebrating 20 acupuncture points on the body of Gaia (Earth) as a possible hub "gateway" for

distant-shaped communications in the noospheric space of the Earth. Thus, the author creates a situation in which every person being at any of these points, will be able to consciously come into contact with the powerful influence of the information field of the Earth.

In 1996. embodied part of the project "SPIRIT GATE" becomes a 6-meter object:

the monument "GOD IS LIGHT" in Germany in the town of Gummersbach near Cologne. Under development are projects of monuments for Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Novosibirsk (Russia).

So in 1999, analyzing the similarity of the archetypes of different cultures, Apukhtin V. O. comes to the conclusion that the collective spiritual experience of humanity is captured and stored in such fine structures as the human genome ,and that each person is capable and has the right to use this "Bank of knowledge and skills". The only question is how to create a situation through which every person can enjoy this gift of nature. Answering this and other philosophical questions, synthesizing the pedagogical and artistic experience,

Apukhtin V. O. creates a number of techniques under the General title of "DESIGN of SPIRIT", allowing by means of fine art:

• to harmonize the psychosomatic condition of the person

• to optimize creativity,

• to visualize the dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious self,

• successfully resolve the conflict between what "I want" and what they "should."

Since 1999, Apukhtin V. O. is actively practicing in the field of ART therapy. A number of ART-the methods transferred by Apuhtina V. O. at the disposal of psychologists-practitioners working with troubled children and adolescents in places of deprivation of liberty, provide a long lasting positive therapeutic results.

During 2001 - 2002 Apukhtin V. O. has developed a collection of 150 works of listeners of the "ACADEMIA MAGIC ART®". The uniqueness of the collection of works of painting, graphics is that each work is simultaneously estetizirovat reflection on the theme of suppressed desire and visualization of a dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious personality. The accumulated experience in the process of working at the intersection of art practice and psychology, were given the opportunity Apuhtina V. O. introduce the concept of "GENETIC MEMORY NOOSPHERE of the INTERNET" as a tool to explain the PHENOMENON of "HUMAN DOING."

In 2002. awarded a silver medal of Academy of arts of Uzbekistan for the cycle of works "MAN - UNIVERSE".

In 2007. State Pushkin Museum, Moscow (Russia).

acquired in the main exhibition collection

illustrations Apukhtina V. O. on the novel in verse "Eugene Onegin".

Theoretical and practical work

Apukhtina V. O. is a serious contribution to the process of creation and operation of cultural spaces.

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