Vasilevich Arlashin

Russia • born in 1948

Born in 1948 in the city of Frunze.

He graduated from the workshop of the poster of the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov (1974). Studied at N. A. Ponomarev, M. O. Savostyuka, B. A. Uspensky. Since that time puts the posters and easel graphics at the all-Union and Republican art exhibitions.

Also works in book graphics. Books with his illustrations are in the publishing houses "Children's literature" and "Young guard".

Member of USSR Union of artists since 1977.

Major works: "let's Save the beauty and wealth of mother nature" (1975), "Mir" (1975), "Olympic games" (1976), "World — peoples" (1977), "We need peace" (1977), "the World forever" (1977).

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