Vyacheslavovich Afanasyev

Russia • 1957−1999
Yevgeny Afanasyev, 1957-1999
Artist-nugget, member of the International Association of art, UNESCO.

Artistic credo: “My art is, the world has not become, or already past; it is not historical, and, I hope, is devoid of any pathos.It is a wasteland of the soul, its wormwood and nettle, its rusted iron and wet stones. It is the emptiness in which everything ends and everything begins.”

Its genre was defined as “an approach to the grotesque Brueghel”.

42 this is a lot or a little? Borisov - Musatov lived for 35 years, Titian, 101, 38 Pushkin, Lermontov 27. Yevgeny Afanasyev, the artist and poet died at age 42, on Easter day ' 99.

His death was both tragic and absurd.Some trash was tempted by his new leisure suit and felt it best to release the owner from this thing, after breaking his head and drove in the liver, two broken ribs.
So simple and gone and no one even began to understand it, to sound the alarm, to raise the public in unison indignation.
Why? It does not concern us and politkapital will not cobble together.
All, case closed.

How to become an artist?
What do I need?
Talent, hard work, a spark of God, a fervent desire that???

Eugene was an ordinary guy was born in the fifties of the twentieth century. The working family. Service in the army. Life for work, work for a piece of bread — proletarian “happiness”, prepared for the whole of Russia “the great” blood — red leaders. And the ship of undesirables, and the GULAG for rebellious, and “the eternal fight, rest only dreams us”...

He became an artist, when thinking about the secret springs of life.
“...My art is my world still nastasic, or already past...” He excluded himself from the immediate living, and for this he was awarded the label “crazy” (1982 Eugene spent in the nuthouse) and thus graciously allowed to receive a disability pension and take the “high socially significant” the position of the wiper.
Eugene this “public attention” was enough, as the most important thing in his life — creativity, imaginative vision of the world and the ability to capture this imagery on the canvas — has always been with him.

He really was not of this world. His soul is in contact with the high areas nhibiting space. And bright, and sometimes sinister, paints the world covered the bizarre fiction and grotesque paintings of his paintings.

He tore the concept of “now” from the context of his existence and offered it to the Supreme court the will of the world and received an answer in the form of images and lines of poetry. Each image is an iconic symbol of the imperfections of modern society. Each figure — zombies pedagree among the twisted branches of the trees that grew up on a stinking landfill of the modern industrial — technocratic, egocentric world.

He absorbed the pain of this knowledge, freeing us all together from painful spasms hangover after a night of feast for the celebration bestial nature.

“This is a wasteland dushi, its wormwood and nettle, its rusted iron and wet stones. It is the emptiness in which everything ends and everything begins,” wrote Yevgeny Afanasyev in 1997, "Everything is just beginning, friends."

Yevgeny Afanasiev. “Exhibition in memory”
P. Kalmykov

And his work here: http://www.koku.ru/other/master/works1.html
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