Sergeevich Bazarov

Russia • 1964−1994

Biography and information

The novel Bazarov is a native resident of Leningrad. He studied at the art school at the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin. Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinematography (Spbgati), theatre staging Department. Specialty -theatrical technique and artistic design of the play. In 1986, after graduating from the Institute got the qualification of artist-producer. Until 1989. he worked at the Studio thumbnail. Became a freelance artist.
Participant of many exhibitions:
1989-Leningrad-Bremen (Germany)
1990 - Leningrad - Boston (USA)
1991 - new York (USA) - Saarijärvi (Finland) - Seoul (South Korea)
1992 - Saint-Petersburg - Helsinki (Finland)
1993 - Exhibition in "Paradise" (Brussels)
2001 Abstraction in Russia XX century. Saint-Petersburg, Russian Museum
1994 Inkombank collection of 40 paintings, some of them participated in the auctions, 2000, 2008. 2014.
Dozens of paintings are in private holdings (Saint-Petersburg, Finland, Holland, USA, Israel, Austria) . Several paintings are in museums of contemporary art of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the Russian Museum, the modern art collection exhibition hall Manege. 29 Aug 1994 out of the house and did not return . His fate is not known so far.
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