Ivanovna Bazylenko

Russia • 1919−2010

Born in 1919 in a small Belarusian village Tops. The first representatives of the old peasant family Bazylenko settled in these places at the end of the SIXTEENTH century. Father of the artist was famous all around blacksmith, mother – wise woman...

12 years after the end of the 4th grade, she was already shock worker in the commune, "the Internationale", created in his native village on the precepts of V. I. Lenin. Her name is constantly hanging on the "red Board" of leaders. Carefully the girl notices sent from the city, the Chairman of the commune and sends it to continue his studies in Vitebsk.

In 1936-37., high school student, Stephanie Bazylenko visits the famous art Studio of Y. pen...

In June 1941, S. I. Bazylenko is a graduate of the famous INSTITUTE of Moscow (Institute of philosophy, literature, history). Final exam - and the war begins...

She fights near Moscow, late Lieutenant of the intelligence involved in the legendary Kerch landing; becomes a military translator. He was twice wounded. After the war, Stefania Bazylenko many years teaching at the philological faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, Professor of the Department of history of Russian literature of the twentieth century.

Life Stefania I., wrote poetry, published several books. In 60 years (in 1979) wrote her first picture....

...on its long and difficult path of life wrote only a few dozen paintings.

(From the article Larissa Rtishevo, Director of the Museum of naive art

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