Kondratievich Belov

Russia • 1937−1989

Associate Professor. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

(born may 24, 1937 in Omsk, died 28 August 1989 in Omsk) Omsk artist schedule, Honored artist of the RSFSR, the son of a famous Siberian artist Konstantin Belov.


May 24, 1937 was born in a family of the Omsk landscape Kondraty Petrovich Belov.

1955-61 years studied at the Institute of Cinematography at the faculty of arts on a speciality the artist movie (teachers of F. S. bogorodskii, Yu. I. Pimenov, M. A. Bogdanov, B. N. Yakovlev, S. M. Kamanin, E. A. Kalachev, G. A. Myasnikov). Thesis: sketches of scenery on the novel by V. Zarubin "Two worlds" (gouache).

1961 - worked as an art Director at Omsk TV Studio. In 1961 senior lecturer at the Department of painting and drawing, GAF, ogpi.

Since 1962, a candidate member of the Union of artists of the USSR, later member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

In 1971 he was awarded the academic title of associate Professor.

In 1976 he became the head of Department of painting. Delegate IV Congress of the Union of artists of RSFSR. In 1977, a delegate of the V Congress of the USSR Union.

In 1987 awarded the title of Professor.

In the years 1981-85 Chairman of the Board in the Omsk organization CX RSFSR.

He was a member of the management Board and the Bureau of creative sections of the Omsk organization CX RSFSR; member of the regional and zonal vystavkomov, participated in the Republican vystavkomov.

Died 28 Aug 1989, buried in Staroevino memorial cemetery.


Worked on the theme: "Historical-revolutionary past of Siberia", "Siberia during the great Patriotic war", "the Development of the Tyumen North", modern life Siberian cities and villages. Created the series "Youth of the fathers", "the Komsomol Siberian village", "peace On earth", "the City in the rear," etc.

Creative awards:

2nd prize of the Komsomol for the series of "peace On earth" (1972). Sign "excellent worker of education of the USSR" (1987).

Creative garden and travel:

Creative dacha "Chelyuskinskaya" (1969, Director V. S., Lysenko; 1975; 1986, head of the A. A. Livanov), Gurzuf (1981).

Along the Kama river with his father K. P. Belov and R. F. Cherepanov: Perm, Solikamsk, Cherdyn ' (1964). Hungary (1975), France (1974, 1987), Tyumen, Tobolsk (1987, 1988).

Creative team:

"The earth Vologda" (1972), "the cities of Ancient Rus" (1976), "Siberian rivers the Ob and the Irtysh" (1979).


1962 – Group exhibition of artists Babayeva N., Belov S., Bryukhanov N., Shtabnova G. the House of the artist. Omsk.

1965 – traveling exhibition "Artists of Siberia". Novosibirsk.

1964 – I zonal art exhibition "Siberia socialist". Novosibirsk.

1966 – Zonal exhibition of artists of Siberia and the Far East. Tyumen.

1967 – II zonal exhibition "the socialist Siberia", devoted to 50 anniversary of Soviet power. Omsk.

1967 – all-Union exhibition "On guard of peace". Moscow.

1967 – all-Union exhibition of young artists. Moscow.

1968 – all-Union art exhibition "defending the Motherland". Moscow.

1968 – Republican art exhibition "50 years of the Komsomol". Leningrad.

1968 – The Exhibition "Graphics Of Siberia". Moscow.

1968 – Exhibition of works by Soviet artists, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Lenin Komsomol. OOMIE. Omsk.

1968 – Exhibition of works of Omsk artists in Chernivtsi.

1969 – Republican exhibition "Graphics of Siberia". Moscow.

1969 – III zonal exhibition "the socialist Siberia" (the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth). Krasnoyarsk.

1971 – Republican exhibition "Artists of the Urals, Siberia, the Far East." Moscow.

1972 – all-Union exhibition of young artists. Moscow.

1972 – all-Union exhibition "USSR – our homeland". Moscow.

1972 – Republican exhibition "native land". Moscow.

1972 – Republican exhibition of young artists of Russia. Moscow.

1972 – Republican exhibition of works of participants of the creative groups "In the land of Vologda". Moscow.

1972 – Exhibition "Young artists – the 50th anniversary of the USSR". Artist's house. Omsk.

1973 – the anniversary exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Omsk of the Union of artists and of CAM. Artist's house. Omsk.

1974 – international exhibition "Graphics of Siberia". France.

1974 international exhibition of graphic art. France, Amiens.

1974 – Exhibition of "Artists – virgin", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of development of virgin and fallow lands. Artist's house. Omsk.

1975 – international Exhibition of works of Omsk artists in Hungary. Budapest.

1975 – Republican exhibition "Artists of Russia 30 years of Victory". Volgograd.

1975 – Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia". Moscow.

1975 – IV zone exhibition "socialist Siberia". Tomsk.

1976 – the Republican exhibition "drawing and watercolor". Vologda.

1977 – Personal exhibition. Artist's house. Omsk.

1977 – the Republican exhibition "60 years of Great October". Moscow.

1977 – the Republican exhibition "drawing and watercolor". Leningrad.

1977 – Exhibition of Omsk artists. The house of the actor. Omsk.

1977 – Group exhibition of Omsk artists S. K. Belov, G. V. Damianovskogo, I. V. Ignatenko. Omsk.

1978 – V all-Union exhibition of watercolors. Moscow.

1978/79 – Group exhibition Belov, F. Bugaenko, A. Chermoshentsev. Moscow, Leningrad, Barnaul, Kemerovo.

1979 – all-Union exhibition of works by mobile creative group of "Artists to the fleet". Omsk.

1979 – all-Union exhibition "Blue roads of the Motherland". Moscow, Leningrad.

1979 – the Republican exhibition "We are building BAM". Ulan-Ude.

1979 – exhibition of works of artists-teachers of educational institutions. Moscow.

1980 – Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia". Moscow.

1980 V zone exhibition "socialist Siberia". Barnaul.

1981 – Republican exhibition "native land". Moscow.

1982 – the Gift of Omsk artists of the collective farm "Rodina", village Kazanskaya Krasnodar region. Kazanskaya.

1982/83 – the Regional exhibition "Omsk land." Artist's house. Omsk.

1983 – Republican exhibition "drawing and watercolor". Leningrad.

1983 – Exhibition of works of Soviet art. OOMIE. Omsk.

1984 – Republican exhibition "Artists of Russia – BAM." Chita.

1984 – Exhibition "Contemporary Soviet graphics and sculpture". OOMIE. Omsk.

1984 – Exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary OOMIE. Artist's house. Omsk.

1984/85 – Regional exhibition "Omsk land." Moscow, Leningrad.

1985 – VI zone exhibition "socialist Siberia". Kemerovo.

1985 – Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia". Moscow.

1985 Exhibition "We need peace!". OOMIE. Omsk.

1987 – Personal exhibition. Omsk, Tobolsk, Novosibirsk.

1987 – international Exhibition of Omsk artists in the field of pest. Figure. Watercolor. Print. Hungary.

1988 – Personal exhibition. Exhibition hall of artists Union of the RSFSR. Moscow.

1993 – Exhibition "Oncoming traffic". OOMIE. Omsk.

1997 – Personal exhibition. OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

1999 – Exhibition of works of artists of the sixties. Museum Of K. P. Belov. Omsk.

1999/2001 – Exhibition "Art of XX century". OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

2000 – Exhibition of Omsk artists from the collection Omskpromstroybank. OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

2001 – Exhibition "Place and Time", dedicated to the 10th anniversary of GMI. Omsk.

2002 – Personal exhibition. Museum Of K. P. Belov. Omsk.

2002 – Exhibition of creative works of the faculty of the faculty of arts, dedicated to the 70th anniversary [Омский_государственный_педагогический_университет|Omgpu]. OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

2002 – the Exhibition "Omsk artists Union in the contrasts of the age." To the 70-anniversary of Omsk of the Union of artists of Russia. OOMIE them. M. A. Vrubel. Omsk.

2006 – Exhibition "the Artist in search of the ideal. Omsk, 1960-ies - the beginning of XXI century". GEO. Omsk.

2007 – Exhibition "Marshelsea time" devoted to the 70 anniversary from the birthday of the artist. Museum Of K. P. Belov. Omsk.

2007 – Exhibition "view from the window" dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Omsk House of the artist. Artist's house. Omsk.

2008 – Exhibition of remembrance "Stanislav Belov. Painting, graphics". Museum Of K. P. Belov. Omsk.

Interesting facts

Stanislav Belov Kondratyevich recognized by the tradition as one of the founding fathers of the art-graphic faculty (GAF), MGPI along with Alexei Nikolaevich Liberalism.

He also belonged to the idea of creation in Omsk of the personal museums of the two major artists - A. N. Liberova and K. P. Belov


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