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Ivanovich Beltsov

Russia • born in 1920

Painter. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
Years of life: 1920-2009.

Georgy Ivanovich Beltsov was born in 1920 in Odessa.
The mother of the future artist worked as an operating nurse for the famous professor of ophthalmology V.P. Filatov.
My father served as a naval officer.

Already in early childhood, the future artist showed a great love and craving for drawing. However, in 1938 he enrolled at the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers in the Department of Shipbuilding. Despite the successful completion of the institute and great prospects in the field of engineering G. I. Beltsov nevertheless finally decided to devote his professional life to art.

In 1947, he entered the M.B. Grekov Art School in Odessa. M. B. Grekov. There Georgiy Ivanovich's formation as an artist-painter was promoted by such masters as professor T. B. Frayerman, professor L. E. Muchnik, people's artist of the USSR V. V. Tokarev.

In 1958 he became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. He works in the genres of thematic paintings, landscape, still life and portrait. In his works he displays the nature of the southern Ukraine - steppes, villages, sea, in portraits he creates images of his contemporaries - peasants, sailors, fellow artists, in still lifes his favorite subjects are flowers, dishes, corners of the art workshop. In a number of paintings he recreates some pages of Ukrainian history (influenced by poetry of T.G. Shevchenko).

Takes part in all-Ukrainian, all-Union and international exhibitions. Beltsov's personal exhibitions were opened in Odessa in 1982 and then in Kiev in 1984. In 1985-1986 he had a traveling personal exhibition of the artist in regional centers of Ukraine.

Г. He also painted and restored Orthodox churches in Ukraine: the Holy Dormition Pochaev Lavra, churches in Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, Odessa and Kirovograd, and in the village of Veselinovo in the Nikolaev region, where he lived for a long time.

The artist's work resonated with the public: articles about him were published in newspapers and magazines, his works were published in art collections, in the magazine "Ogonyok" and other periodicals.
Article about the artist Beltsov G.I. is contained in the "Modern Encyclopedia of Ukraine" (2nd volume, Kiev, 2004).
The paintings "Oksana" and "The Land Calls" were nominated for the Shevchenko Prize. Shevchenko" (newspaper "Pravda Ukrainy" January 8, 1965). The picture "Oksana" written after Shevchenko's poetry on the anniversary exhibition in Moscow was awarded by the Secretariat of the Board of the Union of Artists of the USSR with Diploma of I degree.
For his contribution to the arts he was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor (1976).

Most sketches, landscapes, still lifes, portraits were painted by the artist in Nikolaev region of Ukraine. The Local History Museum in Veselinovo village has a separate hall dedicated to G.I. Beltsov and his paintings.

Beltsov's works were displayed at international, all-Union, national and regional exhibitions. A number of his works are in galleries in Italy, France, the Netherlands, England, Canada and the United States.

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