Adolfovich Bendinger

Russia • born in 1924

Biography and information

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

In a small, nice, cozy town, stretching along the left Bank of the mighty Yenisei river and surrounded by hills, I was born in a German family on 14 April 1924. A momentous year, if anyone still remembers something.

I was born in the suburb on one of Goroshek, and this suburb was called “Nikolayevka”. In this suburb I lived all the time before departure, not counting the first five or six years when I lived at grandparents, at home.

My grandfather, Bendinger Joseph Adam arrived in Russia and in Siberia (for it gave lift)in 1900 ,I think not without the influence of his brother ,which is already quite lived in St. Petersburg and occupied a decent place Manager “Rubber manufacture”.

But my grandfather preferred the independence and went to Siberia. Besides, he had a large family: seven boys and two girls. Probably he did not rule out the possibility of farming (called for this purpose). But my grandfather was a woodworker of the highest caliber and he immediately went to work, the benefit of orders exceeded its capabilities. Then he built himself a house of the type “German” fahverka, and then the joiner's workshop and life flowed.

My father - Bendinger Adolf, Joseph, soon after his marriage he went to St. Petersburg. He was a Turner high discharge and worked in the “Arsenal”. After a long wait and finally the birth of their first child (my older brother), insane shooting in the streets they went, back.

My mother - Natalie Kalinnikov, of German origin, but born in Russia. Knew the language poorly and all life was afraid to utter a German word and the father were not allowed to talk to us. She probably felt more than any of us...

But back to the small town, which, incidentally, is called Krasnoyarsk. The Cossacks more than three hundred years ago was called “Krasny Yar” in the exposed pinkish Jarama. It was a beautiful small town which is very pleasant walk, as did residents. One street, which was called “Great “ dragged through the whole city, from the beginning to the end and put everything I had to the citizens. By evening, the bustle ceased, and people only walked. It was something to see – right in the center towered Cathedral. Of course, he flaunted not for long, his fate has long been sealed and before the war it blew up.

The other amazing thing was simple Bulvari opposite the Cathedral is a piece of the streets, lined with trees. A favorite place for walking youth.

In this town there were many wonderful places. Even pass along the street, some, was great fun. At home, of course, was wooden, but so beautifully crafted that immediately detected the hand of the great master. The Windows were necessarily large, high shuttered, covered with carving and Windows. On the Windows flowers and beautiful curtains.

In warm weather, when open the shutter curtain sometimes swelled and trembled, and suddenly ...the sound of music! It shook to the core.

And I, grown up, roamed these streets. It is easy to imagine what was happening in my soul.

On the Yenisei nothing to say. There was a continuous delight. And my brother, my senior by two years, went to the Wharf quite often, although it was not close to the path.

In this fascination I was growing up.

In 1992, grandfather helped my father to build a small house in its method and in the end of the year we moved to a private house. All this in the same suburb.

It is necessary to mention – in the city there were many nationalities and more, I think the poles. Then the Germans, Austrians, Czechs, Hungarians. Really, there were a lot of Chinese that were engaged in gardening and at the market they were almost the only ones who sold vegetables. Good was the vegetables. The presence of these people is markedly affected in the life of the city. The city was built, even the Church. In this Church my father once played on the harmonium and receive 25 roubles per year.

Approaching my high school years.

Come September and my street friends went to a school that was almost next door.

I was not allowed to go to school. When I cried my mother's grief, she told me that only next April, I will be the year when I will be in school. What can I say? And I began to walk to the school fence and watch what is happening there. Two weeks later mother took me by the hand and we went with her to school directly to the Director. The Director was great, even from the old school and immediately said that I can go to school. That's the story. My first teacher was also very good, even look. And I started my first class.

It was still warm day, the teacher took us to the nearest birch grove, where we played and enjoyed in the fall. It was a miracle! Fortunately the forest was not very far away, and we from early childhood, visited him quite often.

I have appeared before the colored pencils and paint on cardboard, but I'm more doodling with pencils. However, to tell me something there was no one.

But here at school we have to read “the Tale of the Golden fish” and the teacher asked us to draw to it our experiences or thoughts. It was, of course, very difficult, and not very clear for all of us task. But somehow we managed. Not all of course.

At this time I was sitting with the boy who could draw and I made every effort not to lose face in the dirt. And oddly enough I managed to make a stormy sea and an old man with a goldfish. Was even noted by the teacher. But the main thing for me - I realized that it is not easy and few of my scribbles advantages. You have to work and work.

But famine. This did not happen suddenly. I've been noticed how the refugees from the Ukraine went from house to house asking for alms. Their mother often watered, fed, if we had something. However, Siberia impoverished - rich region. The father enlisted in the taiga. And early spring, as soon as I opened the NAV off we went. In Enisejsk we were given elimko and we sailed down to the mouth of Pete. Gathered quite a decent society, which is dominated by women. Men were not enough. And when we got to the mouth of Pete, it turned out that Pete elimko need to haul against the current. Landed all who could walk, and all the men are harnessed to drag elimko with decent all the same weight. Was supposed to be steering. It was a massive undertaking and went very slowly. The coast was mountainous, gentle and each time I had to cross to the other side. And Pete was not complacent often met and thresholds and fried dross. Just before the arrival at the village, we crossed ilimskii with horses that swam to Yeniseisk for cargo. Seeing our deplorable condition, they stopped, was harnessed to elimko horses, planted and almost all put his steering and we quickly got to our Pete, continually thanks to the good people . This trip left in me for life. It was very interesting and new to me. My mind, my soul ripened with each passing day.

We lived the winter, but come spring, the father began to weren't feeling well and doctors found he had scurvy. I advised to leave. The father agreed with the wagons and already in early spring we embarked now on a sleigh and went to Moscow. It was their baggage. All the way to lie in the sleigh was boring and cold. We often ran alongside. Sometimes the Orb is already spring sun and invigorates us.C harovsk on the truck we went to Kansk and from there by train to Krasnoyarsk. Spring was already in full swing. And the hunger we experienced. In this village, as in the other and other places of the forest, as I saw later, all the children, quite grown up, worked like adults. That my brother was very impressed. We have always tried to do something around the house. Even the floors were washed,when they were alone.

And here we are with the arrival of winter began to harvest wood once a week. Father helped us to make a large sled. Our dugout table on the shore of Pete, but on the contrary was - mountainous taiga, where there were many dead trees. We sawed the trees, cut into large chunks, to fit in the sled, and then it rolled on a steep rock. Then driving themselves, loaded lumps to the sleigh and drove home. It wasn't so far. Houses on the shore were cut into suitable for the stove lumps and chopped into firewood. And was very pleased that I can help my father. And for us it was just a game and we got stronger each time. It was a small thing against the fact that makes the local neighborhood children.

And here we are again in your suburb and in your home. With enthusiasm I took up my pencils and paint. But now I was a different person, I saw a lot, understood a lot differently than before, i.e. I continued to grow physically and spiritually, nothing passed. All around me I saw clearly.

Time passed, and then came the tragic 1933. Germany became fascist. All Germans in the town were very worried about this sinister fact. And speaking German is no more, that they are waiting for the bitter fate. And so it happened. Many don't see. Many even love to live and nothing around to see. Peace and quiet...

However, my goal is biography.

By this time I had become many and often paint and crayons and paints. We appeared on the scene two or three copies of the old “School of drawing”, which I read. Pay attention to me and dad. But all attempts to get me somewhere in the circle drawing have been fruitless. There were no such clubs. He found a German artist taught, we had seen his paintings and I especially liked the sets of oil paints. Unfortunately, little he could do anything to help, and then he suddenly disappeared. All alone and nothing but paint not a knowledgeable person. It was a very sad event. Soon they were repeated more often.

Father by this time began to show more attention to drawing. Talked with me and sometimes hinted that she would have been happy with the nursery I chose the path of artist. I had oil paints and more.

Once he was removed from the wall hanging a long time we have a pretty decent picture frame. Gave me a small picture of V. Vasnetsov “knight at the crossroads”. And asked to portray it in the picture removed from the wall. I was, of course, sorry. I wanted to write “knight,” and to fulfill the request of his father, whom we loved with a brother.

It was my first big job, and I worked thoroughly and long enough. Father, of course, seen weight process, but didn't say anything, only occasionally patted on the shoulder. But it was over the father put it in a frame and hung in the most prominent place in the house. But horizontally.

Then he showed all the newcomers and told how well everything is done and with what difficulty. Of course, all this is not as easy as it seems, only work brings success. However, I was very pleased to know that father found something in me. Perhaps it was fortunate for the baby.

Our father was a very humble person, despite all his achievements. He knew a lot of things to do could very much for that and he always had a lot. Us children he had always seen, but talked with us a little as needed. And was always affectionate with us. We're brother and loved him endlessly and tried to be like him.

And then one day came home from school, home, I found in tears and mother's brother...my Father came from a night shift. After some time, the mother received a notice father under arrest under article 58, ten years without right of correspondence. And we became “Enemies of the people”. “Without the right of correspondence” meant execution. All this is well known, was 1938.

There is no need to count our condition. You need to experience it. The poor mother lay all worries on us, two grown-up children. In high school my brother and I were considered one of the best students and suddenly “enemies of the people”. I couldn't understand and I was ashamed to go to school. Tried to not be noticeable.

In the summer of taiga came our aunt and uncle who wanted us to take us to himself to ease the mother's care. Mother didn't want to be alone, and the lot fell on me. And off we went.

My uncle was a good musician, “son of regiment”. In this village he organized a brass band and awarded them, just this summer, a trip to a holiday home on the house Pete. It was incredible. I was, in my opinion, in the best position. Left school, where I was always an exemplary student, I did not have now to watch all my friends and teachers in the eye, burning with shame and not knowing the guilt behind. It is a serious condition gradually passed. For the boys it was too much.

And here we came to the village. Then it was called, I think, Central. Now The South Yenisei. Not in this case. This is a very old village and was once called differently. Uncle immediately introduced me to all the musicians, and they made me feel wonderful, spiritually, and so was with me while I lived with my uncle. And soon we went to the “rest house” at Pete's. We walked with the March of the uncle told him to bring me the plates, and the whole village accompanied us. And so we walked all the way there is not a lot not more than one hundred kilometers. Playing on all stops and overnight stays. And all greeted us with joy. At the request of my good uncle, what he told me in advance, I became a drummer and soon became famous throughout the village. The holiday house we played every evening in the pavilions on the steep Bank of Pete dancing. Goodbye uncle did a concert with recitations. Uncle lectured about music and many other things. Even went in the pit and played there for some reason. Pete for the last five or six years that we were there, changed completely. Everything was built and rebuilt. From the old there is nothing left.

While we lived in the house for all guests was a huge delight. It happens very rarely. On the way back we drove the carts, but few people wanted to go, again walked. The weather was good. Even bathed in stinging-cold, transparent taiga rivers.

And here we are again mine, as once upon a time these were called villages. Because this was a very old village, it was pretty well built, and remarkable in it was not big, not long built club. It was the auditorium, stage, foyer, artistic and music room. There he lived and Director, with whom uncle immediately introduced myself and told him that I'm an artist. The Director immediately asked me to do in the lobby picture. Gave me a decent sized canvas on podrace, a reproduction, and I started to work. It was the beach. By the fall she had hung in the foyer.

My smart and kind uncle tried to do everything to forget this difficult year for me. I didn't have time to think. Started rehearsing again, sometimes right on the street, and in the evening we often lost a lot of old waltzes, folklore and penetrated to Russia tango. The whole village loved our band.

In the fall I went to school. Rehearsals were every day in the evenings. Time was short, barely had time to do the homework. Then uncle decided to create a string orchestra. Tools for this were. I got domra - Nicolo. By the time I've played a little balalaika (my first instrument), guitar and mandolin. My uncle was very picky about the music we played really good stuff and the concerts the audience loved. We occupied the whole stage, the auditorium was always crowded and often exploded with thunderous applause. There is nothing surprising. In such a remote side, where not even a radio, any meetings with the art was the road. And happiness there were people who are not regretting their forces to deliver a little happiness to the inhabitants of such remote places.

Only art makes us human. And that's the real art that touches the human soul. But it's too late to talk about it.

And here completely unnoticed past winter, started the exams and I graduated from high school. Was a grown man, but knew nothing about what would happen next. By the end of summer came and my brother and said I should go home to his mother, and he's staying with his uncle. Then I realized that fun and easy my life was over. But went with joy to see my mom, I missed you always. Went on the truck like everyone else, and my brother accompanied me on the bike while I could. Once in Ankara, where was Marina, “Motygino”, and then at Ankara to the arrow “the mouth of Ankara”, on the Yenisei river. The trip was not difficult, but the arrow was not the steamer, and had three or four days to wait. The steamer arrived, boarded and sailed to Krasnoyarsk.

Before it was light, it was impossible to leave the deck - so beautiful Yenisei. And I stood before dark. It was my first independent trip.

Finally two days later, probably by evening, the boat was moored to the pier of Krasnoyarsk. Gone, goodbye to the companion and went home. I had a small plywood suitcase where I put all of my belongings. But on the outside I tied a palette that attracted everyone's attention. But few people knew what a palette.

The sun was already almost down when I approached their gate, trying to imagine how I could find my mother. Just came in from the hall came my mother, I ran, not ran two steps, fell to his knees, and we cried. Ate got up and went into the house.

Started a completely different life. A year has passed, I was fifteen years old. A lot has changed in me. Tried to go to eighth grade, the terms was, again, my friends, and I had to look again in their eyes. I was a boarder, saw the beating my mother, and what I ...Mother decided to send me on courses of bookkeepers, although it was very expensive. In the spring she successfully completed, received a certificate, and you can look for jobs. But I also had to get a passport. But when we came to the police in the passport was preparing to write my nationality as “German”. Mother tearfully began to explain what I am German if she was born and raised in Russia and I was born and raised in Krasnoyarsk. C reluctance, and knowing that this doesn't mean that they wrote me a nationality “Russian”. Now you can go to look for work.

Come on, of course, as I was embarrassed to go to offices and ask for alms. Watched the ads, and wrote down the address and went almost every day, if they found the new ads. Came stood waiting, when I'm free. Showed his great testimony, but I was always told “no“ or “already found”. And God knows what else. Nothing, understood nothing, thought it might look like a boy. Took all summer and all in vain.

And in the fall at the end of my patience went into some kind of office and saw our teacher from the course. Told him about his ordeal, and he comforted me, told me I'll get to work. But that Cantor was annulled, it was necessary to help lead the paper in order. Less than a month we wrestled, and then he sent me to his brother, who worked in Exploration trust accountant.

I finally found a job. And this man was very nice and decent. He worked in the Department of capital construction, where he was an engineer, an accountant and a bookkeeper. He instructed me, all the work to balance that allowed me to actually take a course bookkeeping. It was remarkable and interesting. But,probably, through the floor, I was taken to the General accounting of the trust all gone. Sat, wrote, believed that this was happening. And boredom quickly overcame me. Began to think how and where to go from there.

Learned that in the city there is an art workshop where they make small works, mainly still lifes on glass. Turn over and sell. Not very happy with me, I had already opitec in art and worked all his spare time. But you had to earn, and to help the mother.

Workshop existed before the war. In July, it broke up and started again looking for work. And again I passed all the summer and the fall. And again, accidentally walked into the office, where he worked as my good teacher with courses Nikolai Lozitsky. In his office statistician was on vacation, and he took me and then he introduced me to an accountant from suburban farm and he took me to his office. He was from Kiev and I think he too, was not easy to find a job. The farm was fifteen miles from the city on the site of a former monastery. All the remaining monastic buildings took the rest Home. State farm used the land. Its mean, the buildings were outside the monastery. I dragged his small suitcase. A few days maybe a few weeks I stayed over at the accountant, who shamelessly drunk I poured the bottle into two glasses. Loved very much to drink. Then he was a lousy room and drinking was over, while the drunkenness lasted only glasses I drink. And later stopped to play the companion. It was not life, but a forced state of unemployed.

But more terrible fate awaited my poor brother. It was his draft year, and he received a summons. Came to me to say goodbye. He never was the guy by the shirt, and then he was sad. Found a card and wrote on it – Remember and forget not! Quite a long time we sat, and then he went home. More I have not seen him. It was late autumn.

And in the spring I got kicked out of the farm as an enemy of the people. Director of the farm called me and said that the accountant requires to get me fired. The Director was a normal person he was nice to me and he was sorry for me, but otherwise he could not act. It was then clear.

Again began the search and, of course, unsuccessful. At the end of summer can't remember how it happened, I took the head of our Slobodskoy clinic very good therapist Dora Leontievna. Only the name already remember. The work was not difficult. The doctors and nurses all women. The clinic was small and catered to all of our Settlement, was not far from our house... gladly went to work in a good team.

But not for long, I was able to enjoy, if you can call it in this crazy life. By the end of the year I was seriously ill, fortunately in good hands, not to mention the dedication of my dear mother. How long I lay, they saved me. To describe, it is impossible we can only see. Who saw those already there, and the descendants are not interested and do not need. Everything flows, everything changes. We must pay tribute to the wonderful doctor Dora Leontievna showed foresight and strength of will. No exaggeration. It was nice to return to a decent and humble team.

It was the third year of the war. Walked around our Suburb and I was approached by a guy saying he was with my brother and is very briefly explained to me what it was. We knew only that brother no. He wrote his mother letters and always asked something. Something I read when he came from the farm for the weekend. He wrote that all parcel from mother with the food they now ate. Mother sent him a woolen scarf, he made his puttees, his feet were freezing in boots one to the limit. More we didn't know anything. Was all Stroy-batouti “enemies of the people” put into boxcars and taken to a remote station and dropped off. Probably, it was some weird room where they could sleep. Was the month of December. Then they were given picks and shovels and forced to peck the frozen ground. For possible construction in the future, which they did not have. No decent food, no clothes, they were freezing like flies. I think mother got a notice that he died of dysentery. The guy said that alive almost no one left. But no details not reported.

So I received a summons to the military enlistment office. In my ticket long ago was “do not drill”. I was invited to join the driving course. After two visits asked whether I took a medical examination? I said no, not passed. Sent back. Went to the doctors they examined me and said that driver not can. Waiting for the chief. Comes the captain and the Secretary explains to him. Captain evil looks at me and asks – do you want to be the driver? And says to the Secretary In a construction battalion of him! And I went. But time was another. There were veterans and crazy and quite elderly. But again wagons again taiga station, where we disembarked and went into the forest. And only when day two or three we went to Manu, we realized that we go for rafting. Rafting is a very hard and serious work and also should know the technique of this work without the knowledge there was nothing to do especially with the construction battalion. But after a medical examination, and many to come was impossible. Rafting – mountains of trunks of trees on both banks of the river. Try to approach the edge. Soon many of our battalion was expelled. Gave the loaf of bread we trudged back to the city.

When I was given a military ID I went to the personnel Department of the military farm room 703 and I finally got the job. Two and a half years I worked at the factory. But since I was already an artist, and the factory was their artist for all the holidays he took me and together we decorated a plant. And in the forty-sixth year I joined the newly formed urban partnership ”Artist”. Six months later, was accepted as a member of the Union of Artists, Krasnoyarsk was not. And artists had enough.

I must say a few words about his mother. I owe her not only because she saved me in these terrible years of famine, I owe her everything that I have found in life. From her I learned to work that the most important thing in life. She was a very special person to say a lot or much to say.

Our workshop has gained popularity and is increasingly received orders. There was a lot of copy and of course the portraits of the leaders as it was necessary. Come and artists.

In the forty-seventh year, the Chairman said. - Sent two tickets to “Hot key” in Krasnodar. But no one did not want to go. Didn't want me. But when I told this story to his mother, she was surprised and told me why not go and see. Here are the thoughts real. The next day I told the President that going. There were also satellite. To go, of course, was disgusted, but the resort was decent and was the only artists from all over Russia. It was very interesting, I was first in this society. All wrote sketches, and I wrote, but couldn't get rid of Siberia, as I told the artists. At the end of the season - it was already September, organized the exhibition, talked and left. I was lucky enough to go with a good artist from Irkutsk. Yes one would be bad.

Upon arrival to Krasnoyarsk again I offered to arrange the exhibition, which, as always, some praise, others blasphemed. And well if you are a smart man and say, don't listen to anyone. By this age in other matters, I already had enough learning. And a solid practice.

In the forty-eighth year of the centenary of our famous countryman Vasily Surikov decided to throw in Krasnoyarsk the exhibition of the Union. Came company of Muscovites had a lot of conversations and lectures and other things . For this exhibition I took two sketches of my creative experience began.

And then I came up with the idea that it is necessary to learn a little bit. Myl as if correct, but not which means that at the end of the exercise you will make a painter. Not at all. But I have seen that stagnation in the province can do to ruin me. And example of my parents helped me.

And so I was sent to Petersburg to the school of my work. There I was in College my friend taiga. Which to me very much helped, to which I, eventually, went to the hostel. Otherwise I had no where to go. It was not so easy as I thought. And though much I have already learned, but much was yet to come. Long awaited call, but the time passed, and I went to - maybe. When I arrived, I saw that no one was going to call me, and my work lay in the mail and I had to pay for the delay. Brought work in school and was unconditionally accepted. Someone even said you have there, in Siberia, all the painters you see! Wit is not appropriate in this case. Was adopted, but this is what I should have been notified in Krasnoyarsk, it was not quite human. And there are so many worries. But nothing better had, had to be content with what we have. The school was the first student got good grades was the only one who after the holidays brought a bunch of study which were exhibited. My classroom was always busy in Moscow, when there was arranged the College exhibition.

During the study increasingly came to the realization that little will get a new in addition to full-scale practice Yes again it will go through the history, which I read a long time ago when dad was alive. Old suburban library was two steps away from the house from an early age regularly visited a lot. Read we loved everything, as to work. But then came the time of the thesis. As a consultant came to us a very good decent man Joseph Silver. It was very nice, we all already knew, and now take a closer look. He spoke little, but every word of it was essential and very helpful. My diploma, he took positive and happy and it was encouraging. Left is the opposite. Protection day went to the Commission, the head of which was Samuel, Nievelstein, but he did not, of course, was the head. And Silver was not. When they stood silently at my diploma, I carefully looked at the notebook in the hands of Nievelstein and saw against my name already written four. It was all clear. And how many do not have chattered present after the announcement of the assessments, that nothing could affect.

And, of course, is not the only case that has nothing to do with artistic success. Common bureaucratic trick. Not without reason after defending my diploma was gone. Does everyone have their diplomas in hand, and my disappeared without any explanation.

Stupid nedodumali, rashly tried to enter the Academy. Received in the examinations of four failed. Good people took my work in Moscow to A. Gerasimov. I was given an extra place. Many undeterred in my place, took some student. Probably seductive. This is me in science to not forget.

Only two words I. good Silver – You are an artist! Come the next day at school, and viluchavsya my story with a diploma, a little comforted. Thus ended my thirst for knowledge that I was hoping to get from someone.

Began a new job search. But there was not the same stupid gullible boy and an adult man, possessing no small skill.

Even in College with a new, another Director, we had something like book design, which he was presented to us. We had to make a cover for any book in our taste. Can't remember now, so I can see someone's passion, but my cover is still alive. The Director once said in the lesson that I shouldn't be too hard to find a job.

My own education at this time was already high enough that I could guess about it. Well, I myself am still not very well understood this fact. Much later I could also say to yourself. All that I have, I owe to books. No wonder my brother and I read with preschool-age children. This is our family.

After this useless “fight” I do not know what I went to my mother in Siberia.

I must say that our Krasnoyarsk Union since I came to the school and visits on holidays always gave me a good job so I could earn on habitation in Petersburg and leave the mother. So this time they gave me a copy with countless figures and many portraits. In another time I would have never came, but there was nothing to do, money was needed. Probably a month I puffed, if not more, but finally finished and passed.

I believe that the Krasnoyarsk artists can see my growth in painting than school teachers. After completing their task, and after a short rest, had to go back. Was already late autumn and the snow was quite a lot.

And here I was again in Petersburg and again looking for work. Got the book, made dozens of sketches and of course was chosen art editor option. Doing originals and go to another publisher and get the book there. That's all. Get acquainted with the artists.

My first friend was a great artist Nikolai Vasiliev. Was a fine artist. At that time I especially liked his technical notions. They played all of the work is very complicated, if someone is familiar with it.C Vasiliev we worked in the same publishing house for a very long time. Was work and we worked. But one day, our editor and friend says:- Smolny requires the cover to 250летию Petersburg make. We did. But I'm not especially trying, for he knew that Vasiliev's better for me not to do. But the editor came from the Smolny told me: - Your artwork was accepted. I had to make a huge number of originals in the twenty-two publishers. Asked nick to help me, but refused. Here's how it happens. Sat day and night period was small.

The turn to “Lenizdat”, was such. Vasiliev there I knew something did. Again asked him for help, but he said: - Here. And I met with a large publishing house. And so it happened. I brought the originals and fortunately for me, the main artist was attended by a great artist and person Boris F. Semenov. Then we soon became friends and worked together. And so I showed the originals, he liked everything, and he appealed to the editor Maslakova to give me a job. But gave me a job soon myself good and interesting.

This started as my artist's books. And soon I just became the first in the publisher. Nobody could make a cover so quickly and well. This publisher is required very frequently, the publisher was political. However, the wording was different, there were some good books. Some of course, but it was. The case was spoiled by writers from Smolny. Of course, I worked with many other publishers, there was a lot.

In this publishing we first met and became close friends with Andrei A. Duck. As it turned out that we were distant relatives, and until his death we remained the closest of friends. That is, in fact, were relatives. His mother and thought.

Under his influence I started a mini-prints and pretty quickly began to show success, and began a new stage of graphics. The exhibitions began to appear not only cover, but also prints.

In the early seventies unfortunately editor Oleg Ivanovich Maslakova I left the book at all. I just don't have enough time for everything, and besides engraving fascinated me more. Finally I understood the essence of printmaking and cut with great trepidation. It was a wonderful time. Yes there was a time, do not say anything. This refers exclusively to creativity.

The premises of the Union of artists on Malaya Morskaya I began to visit quite early. At that time there were held relatively frequently with various exhibitions, it was interesting. It was interesting in this old beautiful building. And sometimes I wandered, looking everywhere, where possible, gradually becoming a familiar thing for artists, and some even greeted me. When I became acquainted with many famous artists of the Union, I sort of became “our man”

When I was with the impending release of the wall newspaper, I had unwittingly become a participant describing the titles of the articles. It was necessary to write beautifully and interestingly fast. Thus, I had to become a member of the editorial Board, I was asked to come. Editor-in-chief was at that time Yuri Politowicz Mizernitski my dear fan. When I brought him in “Fire” engravings illustration he almost always said, “ exhibition work”. He was the chief editor of the magazine “Bonfire”. I think with the base. A very experienced artist.

And so I was already a member of the editorial Board of the wall newspaper, many artists I know, many friends thought I was a member of the Union, but I about it did not think and was once stunned when entering in the section graphics, our dear Nadezhda Aleksandrovna asked: - did You bring work? - What works? - You list coming into the Union! I about it knew nothing, and generally no steps to it did not. And finally, my Andrew said to me with anger: - Gather operation, all was OK. It's a fussy thing happened, finally, but no change I have not seen. Everything was as it was.

Once the Fund order came from Altai in four Siberian landscape. I don't know why, but this order was charged to execute me. It is certainly an honor, but something had to be done. Since I was born in Siberia and grew up there, been in the deepest Siberian areas. Siberia knew not the stories, the needs in the plots I had. Bothered me an expression of peace. All I saw at the exhibitions, nothing to do with Siberia had not. A third year student and to work hard. Wrote tempera. I don't know how much time has passed quite a few, I think, but finally I submitted four of the landscape in the Council. For the Council it was something