France • 1797−1856

Paul Delaroche (FR. Paul Delaroche, the real name of Hippolyte; FR. Hippolyte; July 17, 1797, Paris — November 4, 1856, ibid) — the famous French historical painter, representative of academism.

His real name was Hippolyte, but at home his name was Field, and kept among his contemporaries and in the history of art. The father of Delaroche was an expert at paintings, and his uncle served as a conservator of the Cabinet of engravings at Paris Public library, thanks to which the future artist was born and developed in an artistic atmosphere.

Feeling at first attracted to landscape painting, he studied her at the Vatel, but soon he left to the historical painter K. Debord, and then for four years worked under the guidance of Baron Gros.

In 1832 Delaroche acquired such popularity that he was elected to membership of the Institute. The following year he was appointed Professor at the Paris school of fine arts, in 1834 went to Italy, where he married the only daughter of the painter Horace Vernet and spent three years.

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