Mikhailovich Bobonich

Russia • born in 1942

Biography and information

Born January 1, 1942 in the village of stryhal'nia Mizhgirya district, Transcarpathian region. He studied at the Uzhgorod College of applied arts (1963-1968) by I. F. Manaylo, A. A. Kondratovich.

A member of the artists Union of the USSR since 1980, muralist, graphic. The author of the decorative paintings of the reliefs in the concrete. Watercolorist Painter. The participant of city, regional, zonal, Republican, all-Union exhibitions. Works are TMII, in private collections of Russia, Canada. Lives in Tyumen.

(Artists of Tyumen: the Anniversary album/author of article Shafts A. A. EDS. biographical information Sezawa N. And.-Tyumen:TOOSHY,1994.-P. 76-77.)