Alexandrovich Bogdanov

Russia • 1914−1995

Biography and information

[R. 4(17).11.1914, Vyborg], a Soviet actress, people's artist of the RSFSR (1969), honored artist of the RSFSR (1959). Member of the CPSU since 1950. He graduated from the art faculty of VGIK (1943). Was art Director of the film Studio "soyuzdetfilm", and since 1944 at the Studio "Mosfilm". Working together with the artist A. G. Myasnikov. As art Directors they participated in the creation of color movies: "the Stone flower" (1946), "Michurin" (1949), "Heroes of SHIPKA" (1955, together with the Bulgarian artist G. Popov), "Communist" (1958), "Journey beyond three seas" (1958, in collaboration with Indian artists), "hussar ballad" (1962). One of the most significant works of B. and G. A. Myasnikova the film "War and peace" on the same product L. N. Tolstoy (1965-67, 1-4-I-series). From 1944 he teaches at VGIK (1965 Professor). Awarded the order "badge of Honor" and medals.

Artist, worked in film, worked on the film "Stone flower" (1946), "Michurin" (1949), "Communist" (1958), "War and peace" (1965-1967) (jointly with G. A. Myasnikov). Corresponding member Q. Academy of arts (1973), people's artist of USSR (1985). Bogdanov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich, people's artist of the USSR (1985); born 17 November 1914 he Graduated from the art faculty of VGIK (1943, workshop of Boris Dubrovsky-Eshke). Theatre designer and production designer of feature films. Professor of VGIK, a member-correspondent of the USSR Academy of arts. Worked on films: "the Stone flower" (1946); "Michurin" (1948); "Courageous people" (1950); "Przewalski" (1951); "Heroes of SHIPKA" (1954); "the First echelon" (1955); "Communist" (1957); "Russian souvenir" (1960); "the Cossacks" (1961); "the hussar ballad" (1962); the "Old men-robbers" (1971); "Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia" (1973); "Dove" (1978); Krepysh (1981); "somewhere Oriole cries..." (1982); "European history" (1984); "a crowd Favorite" (1985); "In the wilds, where the rivers run..." (1987); "Cleansing" (1990) and others Died in 1995