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Yurievich Bomshtein

Russia • born in 1938

Biography and information

Born in Moscow in 1938.

Member Of Moscow Union Of Artists.

Member of the International Art Fund.

1963 - graduated from: MKTU (Moscow Art Theater School),

1971 - MVHPU (Moscow Higher School of industrial art (former Stroganov)).

Since 1980, participant in many all-Union, Republican and Moscow exhibitions.

Of the Union of Artists of the USSR, in the section "Artists of theater, film and television."

Personal exhibitions:

1985 - editorial Board of "Decorative art of USSR", Moscow.

1987 - exhibition hall of Babushkinsky area of Moscow.

1995 - gallery "Varshavka", Moscow.

1997 - Central House of artists, Moscow.

1998 - gallery "Kovcheg", Moscow.

2000 - "Scenes from different years". E. Revyakov, B. Bomstein, exhibition hall "na Solyanke", Moscow.

2000 - "Father and son". B. Bomstein, Bomstein S., MEKP, Moscow.

2000 - "Layers", L gallery, Moscow.

2001 - literary club "Chekhov's House", Moscow.

2001 - gallery "Rusart", Moscow.

2002 - "N. In. Gogol. Phantoms and people", Central library. N. In. Gogol.

2002 - "Harmony of time". State Literary Museum, Moscow.

2003 - Museum-exhibition complex "ESCO", Moscow.

2003: exhibition in conjunction with Sergey Bastenom. A3 Gallery, Moscow.

2006 - the State Literary Museum, Moscow.

2007 - exhibition hall “House Shirokov”, Pavlovsky Posad.

2007 – gallery “ester”, MED, Moscow.

Group exhibitions:

1992 - "Diaspora II", Central house of artists, Moscow.

1992 - Exhibition of Moscow artists of theatre, cinema and television, Moscow.

1992 – "Voices", gallery "New Ark", Moscow.

1993 - the Eighth exhibition of works of artists of Russia, Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow.

1996 - "Voices", gallery "New Ark", Central house of artists, Moscow.

1998 - "Israel through the eyes of Russian artists", Central house of artists, Moscow.

1999 – the project "visit to Mark Chagall", gallery "New Ark",

Moscow international Art Salon, Central house of artists, Moscow.

2000 – "the centenary of Solomon Mikhoels", gallery "New Ark", Moscow.

2002 - exhibition "Album "Jewish holidays". Gallery "The Fly".

2002 - 70 years of Mosh. Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow.

2003 - International Art Biennale Malta 2003. A3 Gallery, Moscow.

2004 – "We". The Russian Jews of the twentieth century in the works of Moscow artists,

Exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the JDC in Russia. Solyanka gallery, Moscow.

2004 – "Episodes of fate" from the collection of Alexander Mironov, A3 Gallery, Moscow.

2004 – "portrait of the artist in the interior. Part 2", gallery "New Hermitage", Moscow.

2007 – "From the collection of A. Zaripov", gallery "New Hermitage", Moscow.

2007 – "Contemporary art in the collection of I. Stitch", exhibition hall of the magazine

"Our heritage", Moscow.

2007 "Orientalism in the works of Moscow artists", club "Creative environment", Central house of artists, Moscow.

The artist's works are in the collection of the State Museum of Fine

Arts. A. S. Pushkin, the State Literary Museum;

in the State Museum of Oriental art; the State Theatre Museum named.

Moscow; the State Museum of History of Moscow, other museums and private

collections in Russia and abroad.

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