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Osipovich Boncha-Tomaszewski

Russia • born in 1834

He studied at St Petersburg Academy (1855 – 1860). In 1859 he received a second gold medal. In 1860 he lived in Naples, in 1861 – 1877 in Paris, from 1877, in St. Petersburg. In 1863 he received the title of artist of the 14th class. Academician from 1864. The Exhibitor of the exhibitions AH, THP, St. Petersburg society of artists. Exhibited in Paris (1860), Philadelphia (1876), Berlin (1886). In 1893 he held a solo exhibition in St. Petersburg. Wrote genre and historical paintings, watercolors.

Historical painter, was born in St. Petersburg, in 1834, received his artistic education in the Imperial Academy of Arts under the guidance of Professor F. A. Bruni , in 1856 was awarded from the Academy large silver medal for the execution of the program: "Judas throws the silversmiths," and in 1859 - a small gold medal for another program: "Christ in the temple." After Bruni, the most influenced the development of this artist who worked in St. Petersburg Italian painter K. Douzy. In 1860 went abroad, Tomashevsky-Banca visited the main cities and museums of Italy, spent quite a long time in Naples, where he collected material for his future paintings, and from 1861 to 1877 lived in Paris, almost annually showing his work in local salon. The main kind of painting - historical-home; in addition, he writes mythological scenes mostly with female figures, heads of young beauties, genres, portraits and others of his paintings were at exhibitions in Saint Petersburg, deserve to be mentioned: "the Punishment of brünnhilde in 613 G.", "the Meeting of Louis XI at his entry to Paris", "Peter the Great in front of the monument to Richelieu," "Scene from the Comedy Tartuffe, by Moliere", "Roman in bath", "Venus and Cupid" and "Rosa".

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