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Afanasievich Egorov

Russia • 1878−1954

Biography and information

Honored art worker of Estonia.

Studied at Drawing school of OPKh (1898-1901) and the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg (from 1902) by I. E. Repin, D. N. Kardovsky. For the painting "In the village" received the title of artist in 1909 and Lived in Petrograd and Tallinn. Was a member of the Society. AIKuindzhi (since 1911).

He mainly painted landscapes. Participant of exhibitions since 1907, exhibited with the "Association of artists". Personal exhibition of A. A. Egorova was held in Tallinn in 1948, works of the artist are in the Tretyakov gallery, the State Tallinn art Museum, Tartu art Museum.

Born July 2, 1878 in the village of Arukula Harjumaaskola County in Estonia in a peasant family. A descendant of the Tver peasants who resettled in the area by Peter Roared. Because of advances in early childhood injury, he became deaf. In 1887 – 1896 A. A. Egorov studied at the St. Petersburg school for the deaf, and already there he showed his talent for drawing.

The St. Petersburg society for the guardianship of the deaf has provided A. A. Egorov opportunity by this organization at the Drawing school of Society for encouragement of arts. After that it was 1901 – 1909 an auditor of Petersburg Academy of Arts, and some time (1903 – 1904) worked in the Studio of I. E. Repin, on until the end of the study – DM. Kardovsky.

Independent work of A. A. Egorov as a painter began in Russia, among other things, he painted the Church in Taganrog and Saratov. First picture of A. A. Egorova was exhibited at the spring exhibition of the Academy of Arts in 1908 in 1913 – Exhibition of Russian artists in London. During the Civil war (1919 – 1920) A. A. Egorov was listed as the artist of the political Department of the famous red 1st Cavalry army.

1921 – returned to his home in Estonia.

1922 – participation in the exhibition Association "Arss". Exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. Constant participant of exhibitions of the Central society of Estonian artists (from 1922 member), Union of Estonian artists (1923). Management of the trust Fund for the visual arts (1928). Estonian academic Association of artists (from 1935). 1931 – Russian exhibition in Tallinn, in the exhibitions of paintings by Russian artists in the Narva and Pechora in 1933, In all the exhibitions of Estonian art abroad – in Riga (1926), Helsinki, Paris, lübeck, Kiel (1929), Cologne, Copenhagen (1930), Moscow (1935), Riga and Kaunas (1937), Rome, Budapest (1939).

A. A. Egorov was one of the few Russian artists in Estonia, which was perceived by Estonians as their Estonian artist. During the great Patriotic war, A. A. Egorov was in evacuation in the Urals, returned to Tallinn in late 1944. year.1948 – Solo exhibition for the 70th anniversary of the artist, awarded the title of honored art worker of the Estonian SSR.Died in Tallinn 30.01.1954.

1978 – Exhibition in Tallinn at the State art Museum of the ESSR. 100 years from the day of his birth.

Literature:"Russian artists of Estonia in the first half of the twentieth century" - "Russische Künstler in Estland in der ersten Hālfte des 20. Jahrhunderts" - "Vene kunstnikud Eestis XX sajandi algupoolel", Mai Levin - R.: "Estimaa Vene Muuseum", 2006.- 72. page - 31 – 34. p.

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