Kazimirovna Borovskaya

Italia • born in 1901

Biography and information

Actively worked in a children's book, was engaged in lithography, in the years of the great Patriotic war the trip Mosha went to evacuation hospitals, military units to join the partisans and in the liberation from the invaders of the city.

Born in the village of konevo Aleksandrovo-Kargopol district. In 1917. graduated from the Vologda Art school. From 1924 to 1930. studied in VKhUTEMAS at the lithographic branch of the graphic faculty (professors P. Miturich, P. lions, and N. The kupreyanov). Included on the enterprises GROWTH and development. In 1925 she started working as an Illustrator, primarily of children's books. many of these publications are now considered one of the finest examples literaturovedy books of those years. Worked a lot during the war (in the hospital, the guerrillas, in the hospital). Krasnoarmeyskaya art gallery has the country's best collection of works by A. K. Borovsky: it includes more than 200 works, as well as unique documents and materials of those years.

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