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Alexandrovich Botov

Russia • born in 1910

Biography and information

In 1932 he graduated from art College in Moscow. In 1938-41 and 1946 working at the Studio "Soyuzmultfilm". Originally performed as a cartoonist. Together with a group of artists participated in the creation of many animated films: 1939 - "Moidodyr"; 1947 - "Peacock tail"; 1948 champion; 1951 -"Fife and jug"; 1952 - "Validus", "the snow maiden"; 1958's "cat house" and many others. Since 1953 and works as an artist and producer of the films: "Moidodyr" (1954), "the Brave hare" (1955), etc. participated (as 2nd Director) in his work on the film "Twelve months" (1956), "Song of friendship" (1957), "In a Kingdom" (1958), "the adventures of Pinocchio" (1960). 1960 Bots acts primarily as a Director. Put satirical film "Crocodile" N° 2, number 6 and a number of scenes for the newsreel "Wick".