Efimovich Brainin

Russia • born in 1951

Biography and information

He was born and lives in Moscow.

1968-1970 worked as an artist-decorator in the theater. VL. Mayakovsky.

1968-1973 studied with Evgeny Andreevich Dodonov.

1971-1976 studied at the faculty of arts (HTOP) of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.

From 1971-1976 he studied at the Moscow polygraphic Institute in the Department of art and technical design of printed products. In the mid-1970s, Brainin began his career as a painter. It was a time of specific formation of the Moscow landscape, which created a new and largely unfamiliar to the audience view of the city. Painters of new generation reflected in his landscapes than external familiar features of the capital, and created a special unusual way of his native city. This is what Moscow and is Brainin in his works, where, on the one hand, everything is recognizable, and on the other is some mysterious and not quite real world. The main theme of his paintings - history, modernity, the city and the beauty of all things. We see the crumbling little houses of old Moscow and bas-reliefs of its gorgeous buildings, lights and reflections of asphalt, some strange fish and strange characters of our time and of bygone eras. Every detail in the paintings taken from life, but at the same time, they felt something mysterious, as an example can be called: "FISH IN the PIPE" (1982), "SPRING (1985), "MOSCOW" ( diptych, 1986), "HOUSE WITH CARYATIDS" (1987). Brainin can be called a master "smart painting". His paintings are philosophical, with elements of surrealism, however, is surrounding the artist's world, full of romantic attitude to reality. Gradually the artist's work took the scenic ease, his own plastic language. A picture with a strong story (the diptych "the memory of OLD men", 1979). The semantic range of works becomes deeper, seemingly simple topics in the portrait and the landscape beyond the narrow boundaries of the genre. In works such as "KOLOKOLNIKOV PEREULOK" (1982), "HOUSE No. 9" (1985), "RAIN" (1981), is dominated by the personal experience of the depicted motive. In later works the concreteness of places and persons is dictated by a deep sense (" MY PARENTS", 1983; "the TRANSFORMATION", 1987-1989, "OUT", 1992; "the HOUSE WITH MEZZANINE", 1994). In 1987, Brainin was awarded the medal of the Biennale of the Baltic sea in Rostock; since 1978 and held his solo exhibitions, among them the personal exhibition in the gallery "Union" (1995), CHA (1995), the Arena (1998, with E. Kornilova and I. Starzhenetskaya). In 2000 held a retrospective solo exhibition Brainin hall "new Manege" in Moscow and the exhibition in Saratov Museum of art. Braynina work is represented in Russian museums (the state Tretyakov gallery, state Russian Museum, in art museums of Omsk, Tula, Kherson) and abroad (in Germany, in the Dresden picture gallery, the Museum P. Ludwig in Cologne and others).


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