Grigorievich The Brodates

Russia • 1889−1954

Biography and information

Schedule, poster artist, Illustrator.

Honored art worker of the RSFSR.

In 1889, was born in Warsaw (Poland).

In 1905, he studied in the Studio of D. Kohn in Vienna.

In 1906 - 1909 studied at the school of drawing and painting, then at the Academy of fine arts

Participated in the Polish revolutionary movement.

From 1917 to 1930 lived in Leningrad.

From 1917 was published in the newspaper "Pravda" in the section of political cartoons.

In 1918 he founded one of the first Soviet satirical magazine "Red devil".

In 1929 he joined the "Society of painters".

From 1931 he lived in Moscow.

He worked in the magazine "Crocodile" and Polygraphic Institute, which was created after the dissolution of Vhuteina.

Worked in the easel graphic works ("Silver forest", AKV., 1933; Bolshevo, AKV., 1952; "lilac", AKV., 1954, etc.) and Kh. Fig. ("Germany" Heinrich Heine, "the Prodigal son" by G. Reglera, proc. Amer. short stories of the 19th century, "the Grapes of wrath" John. Steinbeck).

The participant of many exhibitions of watercolours and drawings.

Died in 1954 in Moscow.

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