Isaakovna Brodskaya

Russia • 1910−1991

Born in St. Petersburg. In 1935 – 1939 as an auditor studied chemistry in his father's Studio – the outstanding artist I. Brodsky, 1939 – in Moscow (N. Artist V. Meshkov). He travelled all over the country in the mid-1950s, was in a creative assignment in Ukraine. People's artist of the USSR since 1980, corresponding member of the USSR AI since 1970. Laureate of the State prize of the RSFSR. Repin 1977. In 1981 he was awarded the silver medal of the USSR AI. Works are in museums of Kyiv, Lviv, Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan, etc.

People's artist of the USSR, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of arts, laureate of the State prize of the RSFSR behalf I. E. Repin Painter. A landscape painter, was Born in 1910 in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad). Studied with his father, the artist I. I. Brodsky. In 1935-1939 he was a volunteer at the Russian Academy of arts in the workshop of I. I. Brodsky. Subsequently he studied at the N. P. Krymov. Participant of art exhibitions since 1945. Major works: "Blooming Apple tree" (1948, Kaluga regional art Museum), "ears of Rye" (1951), "rainbow over the Dnieper" ("1953, Kiev Museum of Russian art), "Spring twilight" (1953), "Spring near Sorochintsy" (1957, TG), "Baikal at the origins of the Angara river" (1962, Kirov regional art Museum), "April" (1962, Yaroslavl art Museum), "Evening on Lenin hills" (1965, CX RSFSR), "Spring" (1966, MK USSR), "Over the expanses of the homeland" (1970, Bryansk regional Museum of Soviet art), "Baikal" (1971), "Sunset on the Dnieper" (1972), "Spaces of spring" (1975, MK RSFSR), "Winter evening" (1975, MK RSFSR). Weinman, Moses Abramovich Sculptor was Born in 1913 in Kryvyi Rih (Ukrainian SSR), died in 1973. Studied since 1930 in the Odessa art Institute, 1937-1946 there at the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin Russian Academy of arts under A. T. Matveev. Participant of art exhibitions since the 1940s Major works: "a Lover of fairy tales" (1952, RM), "Portrait of honored master of sports, Galina Subinoy" (1953, RM), "Zoe" (1957, RM), "portrait of the sculptor M. M. Kharlamova" (1957, RM), "Portrait of honored master of sports Vladimir Kuts" (1959, RM), "Portrait of the physicist V. A. Arkhangelsky" (1967, Tretyakov gallery), "the Creator" (1969, HF RSFSR), "Worker" (1970, HF RSFSR), "Student" (1970, MK USSR).

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