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Solomonovich Brodsky

Russia • 1896−1944

Born in Poltava. Graduated from Odessa art school (1917?). He worked in theater, created the methods of design club sites. In 1929-1936, he was responsible leader Itorama, headed the artistic part, decorative and poster workshops. In 1935 he was a member of the Board of the House of the artist

Moses Solomonovich (Моисей8Исаак

Sulimov) Brodsky was born on 10 (22) August

1896 in Poltava. We have the Testimony from the public the Poltava Rabbi, filed Brodsky from Odessa art school (goo. F. 368, op. 1, d. 187): Sulima Borukhova Brodsky and his wife Khai Moses Accouny son Moses-Isaac. In the same school hall that son Poltava tradesman Moses-Isaac Brodsky in August 1914, after the exam came to OXY as a volunteer in the IV class, and in may 1915 moved to actual students in the second class. Of Certificate of registration to the recruiting station in 1914, we learn some details of the appearance: the growth of the 2 arches. 6 1/2 weirs. temnorusymi ...hair... grey eyes.

Their work Brodsky was first shown at the exhibition of the society of independent artists of Odessa in December 1918. The catalog noted nine works, and six drawings. However, the local critic Sergei Zolotov reports another: "On the exhibition of paintings of the island "Independent" artists submitted over 300 works.

Some authors, as. by Kobzevym and M. Brodsky presented dozens" (odes. leaf. 1918, 3 Dec.). The nature of these works какое8то representation can be obtained from the opinion (perhaps too harsh) criticism of another, N. Inara:"...they are so similar to each other that if they made some kind of "invisible seam", none,

and they wouldn't be able to tell where the painting ends G. Broderson and starts painting, or Sokolina G. G. Brodsky. However, all of them together to remind of the illusion of Marriage or Metzinger, Leger, or, as each of these latter positively no

distinguishable from the other. But here the similarity is a fundamental, I would say sacrificial in nature. Буро8коричневая, olive palette, which has become mandatory for all late cubist; fresco nature of the invoice; the planimetric composition is banner, class, school!" ("Odes. news". 1918, 3 Dec. n. V.). As you can see, not only got the Odessa youth, but at the same time and the French meters.

In the catalog of the 1st national exhibition summer of 1919, there were only two pictures

Brodsky. Same — independent in December 19198го. In fact, his participation in the Odessa exhibitions and limited. In Odessa

News 1920821 years sometimes glimpsed the artist's name as a presenter or participant in the debates on contemporary trends in art. And in the January issue of the journal "Silhouettes" for the year 1923

published his sketch of a typical industrial under the name of "Steel and iron".

In the same year — he in Petrograd. In катало8

GE Leningrad exhibition Theatrical decorative art in the USSR. 19178Х81927 noted:

"Working in the field of methods of registration of the club performance venues" (p. 229). It was known that Brodsky was the head of IZORAM... (from the article: Olga Barkovskaya "Forgotten artist Moisey Solomonovich Brodsky," the almanac "the world club odesitov")

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