Davidovich Bruskin

Russia • born in 1945

Biography and information

Born in Moscow on 21 October 1945 in the family of Professor of the Moscow energy Institute. Graduated from art Department of Textile Institute (1969). Directly in the movement of "informal art" was not involved, although his first solo exhibition in Vilnius (1983) and Moscow (1984) were quite "informal" because they were closed by the authorities almost immediately after opening. Fame Bruskin took part in the first auction of Russian avant-garde and contemporary art, hosted in Moscow by the London firm of Sotheby's (1988), when his painting Fundamental lexicon (1986) was sold for a record price. In the same year, the artist symbolically cemented the success of the stage action of the hero's Birth in the exhibition hall Kashirka.

In the Mature things of the wizard, kind of combines the features of "carnivalism" and "Sots art", in equal measures of parody in relation to the standards of socialist realism. Having established the principle of "infinite painting" (it is composed of multiple individual cells, like a big alphabet), Bruskin filled these cells (in cycles of Monuments or Resuscitation, Logs, 1980-ies, or in above picture) figures, bearing emblems and slogans of the Soviet era, for the emphasis, equally similar to the feast, and the solemn funeral. In parallel I created and the beautiful "alphabets" on Jewish mysticism and folklore (series Aleph-bet) — just as mysteriously-surreal, as the Soviet symbols.

In 1989 he emigrated to America, settling in new York.

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